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VitaQuakeII v1.5 - Hardware Acceleration

Download Name: VitaQuakeII v1.5 - Hardware Acceleration  

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Author: Rinnegatamante

Submitted By: Nik

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It was a couple of weeks ago when developer Rinnegatamante tweeted about the progress of VitaQuake II with Hardware Acceleration (vs previous Software rendering). We have seen the dev already do this with VitaQuake and we are seeing other projects support VitaGL which is providing Hardware rendering of various Homebrew's. Another great Vita project powered by VitaGL recently was VitaXash3D which allows you to play Half-Life on your Vita & PlayStation TV (VitaTV). Hardware Acceleration will improve the graphical and gameplay experience and also make new things playable that were not once able to, like half-life. but now Quake II get the attention and from v1.5+ the Vita port will be with HW Acceleration. This should be one of the best looking version by a long shot, so give it a test run and enjoy some soundtracks as the dev has also fixed MP3 Support (Soundtrack Support), See full changes below.

Switched from software rendering to hardware accelerated rendering ith vitaGL.
Moved from mixed 480x272/960x544 resolution to full native 960x544 resolution.
Fixed native screenshot feature (Scr_Screenshot). Now works as intended.
Added a "limit framerate" voice in Options menu to cap framerate to 30.
Added a "show fps" voice in Video menu to show framerate while playing.
Fixed mp3 support for CDAudio soundtrack. Now works as intended.
Added "render shadows" voice in Video menu to enable/disable entities shadows rendering.
Improved right analog aiming sensibility (thanks to rsn8887/ShroomKing).
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