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BO2 TeamXPGBOZombies33 TU11

Download Name: BO2 TeamXPGBOZombies33 TU11  

Category: Xbox 360 Downloads Xbox 360 Mod Menus

Author: Heavy Smoker

Submitted By: JPB

Date Added:

Version: 33

File Size: 155.18 KB

File Type: (Rar file)

Comments: 2

Downloads: 66

Views: 1,003

Item description:


Copy both Launcher and Trainer files to the root of the black ops game folder and run the launcher. Start + Back to show menu.


Back + Start: Menu 1
LB + Start: Menu 2
RB + Start: Menu 3
Back + A: Super Jump toggle​

(Normal, High, Super)
Back + B: Health toggle​
(Normal, DemiGod Mode, God Mode, Invisible to zombies)
Back + X: Unlimited Ammo
Back + Y: Score Mod
DPAD Left + A: Player Movement Speed ​
(Normal, Medium, Fast)
DPAD Left + B: Zombie Gravity ​
(Low, Zero, Normal)
DPAD Left + X: No Clipping Mode
DPAD Left + Y: UFO Mode
DPAD Down + A: Toggle Zombie Spawn
DPAD Down + B: Low Zombie Corpse Count​
(fixes a lot of issues if too many items are spawned)
DPAD Down + X: Timescale ​
(Fast, Slow Motion, Normal)
DPAD Down + Y: Toggle FOV ​
(Normal, Med, Far)
DPAD Right + A: Modded Bullet Tracers
DPAD Right + B: Gun Position ​
(Near, Medium, Far)
DPAD Right + X: Third Person Camera Mode
DPAD Right + Y: Top Down Camera Mode
DPAD Up + A: Super Sleight of Hand
DPAD Up + B: Super Double Tap
DPAD Up + X: Mega Melee
DPAD Up + Y: Burst Fire Cooldown Time Modded
LB + A: Toggle Colormap ​

(Light, Dark, Normal)
LB + B: Poisoned View State
LB + X: Water View State
LB + Y: Force Red Crosshairs
RThumb + A: Toggle Flashlight
RThumb + B: Modded Revive Trigger Radius
RThumb + X: Modded Water Movement Speed
RThumb + Y: Hide Gun
LThumb + A: No Fog
LThumb + B: Show FPS​
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do you need jtag plz anser


You do relise im Heavy Smoker !!! Who the hell posted this ?