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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt: Main Game and Hearts of Stone DLC

Download Name: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt: Main Game and Hearts of Stone DLC  

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Author: Fabrezel

Submitted By: Dextera

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Item description:

This save game file contains a walktrough of The Witcher 3 Main Game and the Hearts of Stone DLC. 

This is ideal for everyone who wants to start with Blood & Wine or simply wants to own a 100% walkthrough save game.

All main and side quests are done succesfully. 

All Witcher Contracts are done succesfully.

All "Witcher School Gear" armors are found - available at the storage. 

Every question mark on the map is discovered. All Gwent Cards are found.


This savegame is compatible with game version 1.21 or higher.

The Doppler-Decoction and Succubus-Decoction aren't brewed yet - Geralt spared both.

Some unique weapons and gear besides the "Witcher School Gear" armors can also be found at the storage.

"Devil's Pit" is not looted yet. So everyone who wants the "Master Marksman" achievement can use this site to grind the trophy.


Unzip the folder and copy the SAV- and PNG file to your Witcher 3 gamesaves folder.

Standard: C: > User > Username > Documents > The Witcher 3 > gamesaves


1. Is this New Game Plus?


2. Which Level is Geralt then?

-Level 41

3. But Blood & Wine recommends Level 34..

-Play on a harder difficulty or activate "Enemy Scaling"

4. I don't like your decisions.

-That's alright. Everyone has his own preferences.

5. Do you have a completed save game with other decisions?

-Currently not.

6. I found an undiscovered place!

-Nice! Tell me where and I'll update the save game.

Story related stuff (Decisions):


The Bloody Baron:

  The trapped spirit in the tree has been killed.

  The wife of the Bloody Baron survived but was disturbed, he brought her to the mountains and searched for a healer.

Keira Metz:

  Geralt and Keira had NO sex.

  Geralt succesfully convinced her to travel to Kaer Morhen.

Sarah (Godling):

  Geralt did not scare away Sarah. She stood with Corinne Tilly in the House.

Triss Torture Scene:

  Geralt could not restrain himself and killed Menge and all of his soldiers to free Triss.

Triss Romance:

  Geralt did NOT kiss Triss at the party.

  Geralt decided to help the two Magicians. 

  Geralt let Triss go. No Romance between Geralt and Triss.

Whoreson Junior:

  Geralt decided to help Carlo Varese's men to purge the casino, arena and apartment of Whoreson Junior.

  Geralt spared Whoreson Junior.

A Favor for Radovid:

  Geralt found the crystal in Eilhart's hideout and handed it to Radovid afterwards.

Yennefer funeral meal:

  Geralt decided to dress with good clothes for the funeral meal.

  Geralt and Yen teleported to their room at the Inn where they had sex. 

Yennefer Romance:

  Geralt helped Yen to find the Djinn.

  After the Djinn was defeated both realized that they still love each other.

  Geralt and Yen have a Romance.


  Geralt used the fang of Einar to break the curse. Geralt killed Morkvarg afterwards regardless.

Skellige Election:

  Geralt decided to help Cerys to solve the mystery of the bear attack.

The Battle of Kaer Morhen.

  Everyone was involved in the battle of Kaer Morhen. Geralt, Vesemir, Yen, Triss, Hjalmar, Folan, Vigi, Zoltan, Ermion, Eskel, Roche, Ves, Keira.


  Geralt decided to help Dijkstra, Roche and Thaler to assassinate Radovid.

  After Radovids death, Geralt stood with Roche, Ves and Thaler - Dijkstra got killed.


  Geralt got Ciri to do a snowball fight with him.

  Geralt took Ciri to the emperor but rejected his reward.

  Geralt allowed Ciri to demolish Avallach's laboratory.

  Geralt helped Ciri to bury Skjall.

  Geralt did not accompany Ciri by the conversation with Phillipa Eilhart and Margarita Laux-Antille.


  Ciri became the new empress of Nilfgaard.

  Geralt and Ciri did not say Farewell. They are still in contact in some way.


  Nilfgaard won the war. Radovid got killed.

  Ciri became the new empress of Nilfgaard and did a good job with that.

  Cerys became the new king of Skellige.

  Geralt and Yennefer chilled together.


Shani Romance:

  Geralt was very nice to Shani and gave her compliments sometimes.

  Geralt told Vlodimir that he had a relationship with Shani years ago - Vlodimir restrained himself therefore.

  Geralt kissed Shani after the party but did NOT have sex with her. They stayed friends.

Borsodis' House:

  Geralt recruited Eveline Gallo and Quinto.

  As Horst Borsodi tried to offer Geralt and Quinto a deal, Quinto accepted but Geralt stayed with Ewald.

  Geralt took just the House, Ewald took just the legacy.

Iris von Everec:

  Geralt reconstructed every memory of Iris.

  Iris offered Geralt her rose but he rejected it. He could not decide over her destiny.

  Iris gave Geralt therefore a painting of the rose.

Olgierd von Everec:

  As Gaunter O'Dimm tries to take Olgierds soul, Geralt offered O'Dimm a deal. He took it.

  O'Dimm designed a riddle. Geralt solved it and thus saved Olgierds and his soul.

  Olgierd began a new life and gave Geralt his sword.

These are the most important decisions. I may have forgotten a few but that should be it.
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