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Stardew Valley - Table for Cheat Engine

Download Name: Stardew Valley - Table for Cheat Engine  

Category: PC Game Mods

Author: Zanzer

Submitted By: Dextera

Date Added:

Version: 1.05

File Size: 24.81 KB

File Type: (Zip file)

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Downloads: 61

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Item description:

Note: In order to enable certain scripts, you must first perform the action they effect.

For example, you must first hook a fish in order to enable fishing scripts.

Some Item Identifiers can be found here.

Player Pointers

Current Health

Maximum Health

Current Stamina

Maximum Stamina

Move Speed


Club Coins

Glow Rate

Is Glowing

Experience Pointers

Set your experience to a corresponding value listed below.

Then gain experience normally through an in-game action.


1 99

2 379

3 769

4 1299

5 2149

6 3299

7 4799

8 6899

9 9999

10 14999

Skill Pointers

Skill Points

Bonus Farming

Bonus Mining

Bonus Combat

Bonus Foraging

Bonus Fishing

Bonus Luck

Upgrade Pointers

Days Left for Tool Upgrade

Days Left for House Upgrade

Crafting Time

House Upgrade Level

Coop Upgrade Level

Barn Upgrade Level


Unlimited Stamina

Unlimited Items

Unlimited Watering Can

Instant Harvest

Instant Fruit Tree Growth ***New***

Unlimited Fruit on Tree ***New***

Instant Tree Growth

Set Run Speed

Last Crop Walked Over Pointer

Instant Tree Chopping

Calendar Pointer

Clock Time



Freeze Time

Season Pointer

Mouseover Stackable Pointer

Item ID

Stack Size


Mouseover Tool Pointer

Upgrade Level

Attachment Slots

Other Variables

Fishing Pointers

Hook a fish and then alt+tab to pause the game.

Change the Fish ID to ANY item in the game to spawn it.

Always Catch Fish

Always Fish Treasure

Last NPC You Walked Through

Love Interest

Days Until Birthing

Is Married

Is Datable

Has Been Kissed Today
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