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Tales of Berseria - Table for Cheat Engine

Download Name: Tales of Berseria - Table for Cheat Engine  

Category: PC Game Mods

Author: Exeter

Submitted By: Dextera

Date Added:

Last Updated:

Version: 10.1

File Size: 36.78 KB

File Type: (Zip file)

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v10.1 Update

Updated: Item List in my table section. Many thanks to pox911 for helping me with an AoB script. It should no longer break the items now if Bandai brings out a patch to the game!

Older Changelog:

v10.0 Update

Added: pox911's Party Editor to his table section.

Added: TheByteSize's new Skill & Title Mastery Multipliers to his table section.

Misc: Organized table further. Removed double and/or outdated scripts, moved them to the corresponding tables instead. (Original authors, etc).

(02/04/2017) v9.1 Update:

Added: pox911 Table, contains Expedition Speed code and Escape Speed multiplier.

(02/04/2017) v9.0 Update:

Fixed: Exeter Table that was broken by today's (02/03/2017) official patch.

(01/31/2017) v8.1 Update:

Update: Exeter Table - Salvaged Items (Expedition) added to Item List

(01/31/2017) v8.0 Update:

Updated ALL Tables to their latest versions that were previously posted by all other users.

Added: Credits for various users who helped out.

Added: addaafma's Table

Update: Exeter Table - Pointers due to latest official patch breaking them.

Update: Exeter Table - Katz Spheres Record Stat, Tales Coins Record Stat Modifiers.

Update: Exeter Table - Fashion section to the Items. Contains Costumes, Attachments, and Hairstyles!
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