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Osiris: New Dawn - Trainer

Download Name: Osiris: New Dawn - Trainer  

Category: PC Game Trainers

Author: MrAntiFun

Submitted By: Chris

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Version: 0.1.093

File Size: 4.31 MB

File Type: (Rar file)

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Item description:

Trainer options

F1 - Infinite Health

F2 - Infinite Oxygen

F3 - Infinite Stamina / Infinite Jet Pack

F4 - Infinite Suit Health

F5 - Perfect Suit Temperature

F6 - Perfect Suit Pressure

F7 - No Thirst

F8 - No Hunger

F9 - Easy Crafting

F10 - Max Selected Resource

F11 - Infinite Weight

F12 - Infinite Ammo


First start game world move couple steps then activate health, oxygen stamina, suit health, suit temperature, suit pressure, thirst, hunger cheats

First open crafting tab of the inventory and click on any crafting item,Then activate the cheat and click on the item again and you will be able to place it without the need for any resource

For Max Selected resource cheat first open inventory and hover over any stackable item then activate cheat and now any item you hover over will be maxed, Notice that value appearing in inventory may not change but in item description it will

For weight cheat open inventory and hover over any item then pick up an item or throw out an item to get cheat effect

For ammo cheat first shoot a weapon which uses ammo then activate ammo cheat
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