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Payday 2 - Trainer

Download Name: Payday 2 - Trainer  

Category: PC Game Trainers

Submitted By: Sean

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Item description:

Trainer for PAYDAY 2 remade from white list with a fresh new strucutre and hopefully less bugs than in previous versions. Some scripts were improved, some got lost from original Pirate Perfection. Enjoy cheating pirates :-)

If you have any troubles, please report bugs in separate thread or privately to baldwin or Simplity

Trainer isn't tested for HOXHUD compatibility, it is strictly suggested to totally wipe it from the game before installing! (Remove their IPHLPAPI.DLL and PD2APIDLL1.dll)

Tested with PocoHud and no issues happened.

Version: v0.8


- DLC Unlocker (Why do we need to bother buying all dlcs ? Get them for free here!)
- Stealth cheats (Everything you need to make your stealth heist successfull)
- Character cheats (Common cheats like godmode, infinite ammo and etc.)
- Inventory cheats (Spawn extra bags or rain them to make your day)
- Interaction cheats (Instantly interact with common things or improve your interaction with things at all)
- Freeflight (Wonderfull for movie making)
- Autostart cheats (If you don't want to manually turn on some of them)
- Spawn menu (Spawn enemies and props for fun)
- Xray (A.k.a. wallhack)
- Equipment cheats (Do you want your sentry shoot grenades ? Go here!)
- Slowmotion (whyyyy soooo sloooooooow ?)
- Lego (Build your own castle)
- Some anti-noob protections (It will display warning whenever you're close to get marked as cheater)
- Anticheat disabler (Let other people cheat on your server too)
- Easy configuration (Do you want to turn on various cheats on game start or tweak some ? Now it is easy!)
- Abillity to localizate trainer or use already done localizations
- Small mystery (For those who just like to search for secrets)
- And many more ...

4 - Place ammo bag
5 - Place medic bag
6 - Place sentry gun
7 - Place tripmine
8 - Place jammer
9 - Place grenade case (Host only)

Numpad 1 - Character menu in game/Inventory cheats in menu
Numpad 2 - Spoof menu/Stealth menu
Numpad 3 - Spawn menu/Job menu
Numpad 4 - Troll menu (Donor's or higher edition have full version)
Numpad 5 - Interaction menu
Numpad 6 - Inventory menu (Bags and in game money related menu)
Numpad 7 - Weapon list
Numpad 8 - Equipment menu
Numpad 9 - Mission menu
Numpad + - Pregame menu

END - Instant win

F4 - Carry stacker (frequently tap it in order to drop all stored bags)
F5 - User script
F6 - Config menu

Z - Replenish all ammo and health, restore standard state
X - Xray

Middle Mouse Button - teleport
X7 Extra Button 1 - slowmotion

Mods control:
Superman mod: Page Up - Fly up.
Page Down - Fly down.

Driver mod: arrow left/right/up/down - Move left/right/up/down.

Lego mod: Page Up - Place lego.
Page Down - Remove lego.


If you had Pirate Perfection v16 and a lower installed earlier, remove it first.
Place all files into the game folder (:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/PAYDAY 2 or where game located)
Don't forget to edit config.lua and keyconfig.lua to your taste.

Version story:
-> Added lock all achievements.
-> Added tie all civilians.
-> Added script to make player invisible for AI.
-> Added change FOV on mouse scroll.
-> Added increase bag throw force.
-> Added make all bags explosive.
-> Added no penalty movement with bag.
-> Added experimental menu to character and inventory menu.

-> Updated troll menu.
-> Updated trainer structure.
-> Fixed lobotomize AI.
-> Fixed bug with F2 button.

And other fixes and changes.
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.

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