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In Search of Rare Cars 1.04

Download Name: In Search of Rare Cars 1.04  

Category: PC Game Mods

Author: Stifflerstiv

Submitted By: Brigand

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Item description:

Do you want to search some rare classic cars just like in "Fast N' Loud" TV Show or in "Chasing classic cars" TV Show?
This script spawns rare classic cars in random range inside different barns, around old houses and all around Blaine County.
Find a rare car, repair it and drive!

Mod contains random range of spawn points, random cars at these points and random car's condition (body parts, engine, wheels)...Good Luck!

Tested in GTA 5 v1.1180.1

1) Install ScriptHook (Download: [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] )
2) Install ScriptHookDotNet (Download: [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]
3) Put SearchRareCars.dll and SearchRareCars.ini in Scripts folder your GTA 5

IN GAME: Press "K" and start searching! ( May be changed in SearchRareCars.ini file, for example: Activate Key=K or Activate Key=J or Activate Key=H.)


Update v1.04:
- Added russian and english notifications translate (you can change to .ini)
- Fix ReadFile Exception
- Fix BuyCar Exploite
- Re-balance vehicle petrol tank health
- Added 2 new spawn points
- Changed some text notifications

Update v1.03:
- Added Profit System (You have a chance to random profit on price)
- Added 6 new spawn points
- Fix IndexOutOfRange Exception

Update v1.02a:
- Changed car prises (more low)
- Text fix

Update v1.02:
- Added custom activation key(change in SearchRareCars.ini). If SearchRareCars.ini will be not correctly, then activation key will be default(K)
- Added blip car system (If you are closer than 30 meters from rare car)
- Added buy car system (every car have random prise from default car price)(If you buy rare car, this car blip is off)
- Added 2 new spawn points
- Added 5 new rare cars
- Added random vehicle petrol tank damage
- Small changes
- Added exception bloc for errors find

Update v1.01:

- New notification style (fixed notification bug)
- Added random engine health level
- Added random car windows damage (full, smashed or destroyed)
- Added random car colors
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