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Yakuza Zero - PS4 Game Save #1

Download Name: Yakuza Zero - PS4 Game Save #1  

Category: PS4 Game Saves

Submitted By: Sean

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Version: US

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Next use this save to earn 11 trophies, following the instructions in the archive.

1. turn around and give the homeless men their drinks from your inventory. trophy rich taste will pop.

2. there is a bench against the wall here with a shining object under it. pick up the telephone card. trophy who ya gonna call

3. get in any fight use square square square triangle without getting hit. trophy whip it good.

4. hit options, go to abilities and buy one more ability. trophy a wise investment.

5. continue buying abilities until you spend 1 billion Yen. trophy high roller

6.visit the erotic video store Gandhara Kamurocho on senryo Ave North its a purple Star Icon on the map, hit touch pad to view map. and watch a video. trophy I did it for the trophy and Tell Me a Story.

7. and 8. wander around looking for dream machines and Mr. Shakedown. The dream machines you need to buy from is the 1 million yen ones and they switch randomly. keep buying from them until you get a top quality item. It may take a while. trophy Lucky Star.

while you're looking for dream machines you should run into Mr. shakedown, he is a really big guy with a money value above his head. Fight and defeat him, he is tough, but if you dip below half health hit options, go to items and use a healing item from your inventory. after you defeat him trophy Mr. Shakedown takedown

9. Complete the Chapter for trophy New Allies New Foes. just follow all pink markers on the map.
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