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Yakuza Zero - PS4 Game Save #6

Download Name: Yakuza Zero - PS4 Game Save #6  

Category: PS4 Game Saves

Submitted By: Sean

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Version: EU

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Just load save 20 (99% completion) and you'll get:
High roller
Make it rain
Worked hard for the money
A wise investment
Master of style
What a player
Half the battle
The dragon of pocket circuit
upon loading and then change character to Majima and go to Dragon and Tiger Store and ask for equipment search (doesn't really matter which one you chose) and spend money to decrease the time to 0:00 then this will net you dragon and tiger trophy trophy. after all of these you can switch back to Kiryo and go the Batting Club (the first place that you were when you load the save) and go for the last standing point that will cost 5,000,000 Yen and beat it 5 times (use Youtube walkthrough) and you will get Perfectionist Trophy.
after that you can load save 16 and it will be on the last save point before the final long battle (I added maximum health drink and shotguns for both characters so it's not very hard to beat it), just focus on the guy with the guns first and use rush mode to take them out quickly and the rest would be peace of cake. you will get Legendary trophy at the end.
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