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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 - PS4 Game Save

Download Name: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 - PS4 Game Save  

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Follow this guide and the following will also pop along the way:
Ding!, Going Up, Top Floor? Trophies

STEP 1: Go to tutorials and start extras tutorial and before you start it:
A True Grind, Two-Wheeled Terror, My Specialty, Over the Limits, Secret Sauce, Emboldened, Awesome Adornments! and Show Off! Trophies Pop

STEP 2: Complete the extras tutorial:
This is Merely the Beginning, Straight Cash, Sand in Your Socks, Street Smarts, Siesta!, Acrophobia, Explosive Return, One Ollie for Man..., Numero Uno, Be the Best, and Statastic Trophies Pop

STEP 3: Bail once: (ollie and hold down circle+up until you fall off your skateboard)
Poor Coordination Trophy Pops

STEP 4: Go to Berrics Level and go for a 25 combo and 250,000 points in one combo: (super easy just get your special meter max then activate it and keep doing ollie, square+up, manual, ollie, square+up, manual, etc in place until you get enough points and high enough combo)
Good to be King, Killer Combo, and ...Really? Trophies Pop

STEP 5: Complete 1 gap:
Minding the Gaps Trophy Pops

STEP 6: Press Touchpad, Missions, Big Head Berrics, Start it and just stand there: (takes around 24 seconds)
Slight Sickness Trophy Pops

STEP 7: Press Touchpad, Missions, (Pro) Pool Rings, Start it and just stand there: (takes 55 seconds)
Getting Your Bearings and Where's My Contract? Trophies Pop

STEP 8: Go to Bonfire Beach Level
Press Touchpad, Missions, Beach Blanker Big Head, Start it and just stand there: (takes around 24 seconds)
Waterborne Illness Trophy Pops

STEP 9: Go to School III Level
Press Touchpad, Missions, Big Head High, Start it and just stand there: (takes around 24 seconds)
Something Going Around Trophy Pops

STEP 10: Go to Mega Park Level:
Press Touchpad, Missions, Beso de la Big Head, Start it and just stand there (takes around 24 seconds)
Spanish Flu Trophy Pops

STEP 11: Go to Rooftops Level:
Press Touchpad, Missions, High Rise Head Trip, Start it and just stand there (takes around 24 seconds)
Epidemic Trophy Pops

STEP 12: Go to The Bunker Level:
Press Touchpad, Missions, House Head Games, Start it and just stand there (takes around 24 seconds)
Biological Warfare Trophy Pops

STEP 13: Go to Asteroid Belt Level:
Press Touchpad, Missions, Bigs! in! Space!, Start it and just stand there (takes around 24 seconds)
Light Headed Trophy Pops

STEP 14: Go to Player-Created Levels:
Pick any level and once it loads exit game and rate it (takes around 1 min)
Feedback Given, Professional Judge, and Chief Judge Trophies Pop

STEP 15: Go to Create a Park, New Level, Beach, Small, Add 1 thing to the level, Press options, Save Your Level, and Publish Online: (takes around 1 min)
Sharing is Caring Trophy Pops

STEP 16: Go to Customize Skater, Tony Hawk, Customize, Skater Tab, and Buy something from Head, Body, and Board: (takes about 1 min)
Looking for Deals, Head Games, The Bod Squad, and Sponsored Trophies Pop

STEP 17: Go to Customize Skater, Change character to Riley (2nd in list), Go To Berrics Level and complete all Freeskate Objectives: (takes about 3 mins)
Be Free and It's Good to be Back (Platinum) Trophies pop
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.

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