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Nier Automata - PS4 Game Save #1

Download Name: Nier Automata - PS4 Game Save #1  

Category: PS4 Game Saves

Submitted By: Sean

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o get trophies number 1-10 you have to play 2B story
Select chapter and play for trophies number 11-20

if you don't wanna play by yourself you can buy trophies number 20-47 from strange resistance woman

If I were you I would play all 3 story by myself because story was truly amazing
To A ending its take me 6h cuz I didn't know what to do.
To B ending its take me 3h cuz I knew what to do
And to C its take 3h too (I choose A2)
after that I just select chapter 17 for boss fight and choose 9S to get ending D. Then game ask me if want to delete my save I choose no and play hacking games for ending E.
After all of this I buyed trophies from resistance woman
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