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Final Fantasy VII - PS4 Game Save

Download Name: Final Fantasy VII - PS4 Game Save  

Category: PS4 Game Saves

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Save 1
Game 01 My Old Plat Save
Game 02 First Blood + Breaking New Ground - if not start a new game and do it on your own
Game 03 Consummate Cross-dresser - go to the villa and follow the story and the don will choose you
Game 04 Fledgling Summoner - usa a summon
Game 05 Shuriken Join Us - run throw the forest until yuffie apears defaet her and use this option in the conversation to get her:How to get Yuffie

Game 06 Chocochampion - hold r1+2 and o and win the race
Game 07 Won't You be My Valentine? - talk to vincent about sepiroth and ask his name after go the libary and leave the villa and vincent will follow you
Game 08 Making Waves - use haste on yuffie and bio on the enemy until he has bio and then use aqualung until he is death
Game 09 Best Bromance - go to the date (+ Failure IS an Option - if you die in the Battle Stage)
Game 10 Wheel of Fortune + A Universe of Pain + Meet Your Maker + See the Light - Defaet one more enemy with Caith sith and use the Limit items on the correct character (Red XIII & Yuffie)

Game 11 Waiting in the Wings - go trough the door top middle and defeat the red dragoon and collect the Bahamut materia
Game 12 Loose Cannon - Use the Limit item on Barret
Game 13 Packing a Punch - Use the Limit item on Tifa
Game 14 Bahamutype-0 - collect Bahamut ZERO
Game 15 Diamond Disintegrator + Gale Warning - Defeat the Weapon and if you use Cids Limit many times he learns his last Limit and you can his Limit item on him

Save 2
Game 01 Inner Demons - Use the Limit item on Vincent
Game 02 Materia Mastermind - go to the right and fight
Game 03 Emerald Eviscerator + The Slash to End All Slashes - before the fight use the Limit item on Cloud, after it defeat the Emerald Weapon
Game 04 Transcendant Convoker - go to the old man in Klam and get the Materia (also The Slash to End All Slashes)
Game 05 Ruby Render - defeat the Ruby Weapon

Game 06 Roundtable Destruction - just collect the Materia in the Cave
Game 07 Liege of Leveling - do one more fight
Game 08 A Feat of Meteoric Proportions - fight against the last boss
Game 09 Coming Up All Nines - unequip all materias and then sell all your Materias
Game 10 Corel's Angel - you must do it on your own, Score 10,050 points or more in G-Bike (+ Gaia's Guardian - if its your last Trophy)
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