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Final Fantasy XII - PS4 Game Save

Download Name: Final Fantasy XII - PS4 Game Save  

Category: PS4 Game Saves

Submitted By: Sean

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Item description:

Slot 00 (auto save)
Pops on Load Runeweaver AND Jack-of-All-Trades
Judge Magister - Just Complete Trial 50

Slot 01
Reins of History - Defeat the Enemys
Exemplar - Actual Level 251, train Fran & Balthier 25 level up, in some high level Areas like Nabrudis, etc AND equip the Hina-Collage
Collector - Sell "the" 3 loot Items and buy the Morbid Urn (i dont know the English only the German names)

Slot 02
Pops on Load Runeweaver AND Jack-of-All-Trades
Hunter Extraordinaire (Fight against Yiasmat, he needs only ~4 hits), also Trial 98
Wings of My Own - Fight against the last enemy in the Bahamut
Assault Striker - Used Attackone more time
Spellslinger - Cast Magicks one more times
Premier Prestidigitator - Use Technicks one more time
Master Thief - Successfully stole one more times
Blood Dancer - Defeated one more foes
The Unrelenting - Play the trials to Level 30
Wayfarer - one more Step
Plunderer - Sell something or steal Money from an Enemy
Record Breaker - get one more
Spendthrift - Buy something
Privateer - Sell 1 more loot
Conqueror - get one more License Point

Slot 03
Pop on Load Runeweaver
Cartographer - explore the last 2 Maps in archadis

Slot 04
Pops on Load Runeweaver?? AND Jack-of-All-Trades??
Mist Walker - use any Concurrence (Save by L-Griever)

Slot 05
Pops on Load Runeweaver?? AND Jack-of-All-Trades??
Scrivener (Save by me and Monkey177 collect all Monsters)

Save Master Swordsman
Pops on Load Runeweaver?? AND Jack-of-All-Trades??
Master Swordsman - Just defeat Gilgamesh (Save by Monkey177)

Save v3.1 ALL in one!

Trophys you can't get with the Saves
Event based
Eagle Eye
Lord of the Kings
Fell Angel
Zodiac Knight
Radiant Savior
High Summoner
Story related
For the Homeland
Galbana Bloom
A Traitor Redeemed
Fated Meeting
The Mist Seethes
Visions of the Dreamer
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Hey bud is there any chance you could make this one as US gamesave too?