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Skyrim Mod Tool v1.5

Download Name: Skyrim Mod Tool v1.5  

Category: Xbox 360 Editors & Tools

Submitted By: Sean

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You have to open a file which looks like this: Save 155 - Aiden Skyrim 02.55.54.exs. This will mod your .exs file(XBOX 360 Save). Look at the how to before modding. You will have to rehash and resign. You can mod your money up to 999999999. It takes a few moments to load, so dont worry.
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Not a Chance


"Skyrim Mod Tool v1.5" :: Login/Create an Account :: 11 comments

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So what if i somehow managed to get a negative amount of money? Literally the maximum amount of money, just negative.


Try rehash & resign after you use this mod tool. Never used it but i'm sure that's what most people don't do......


this seems like a long winded way of just hex editing your money in a barrel waste of time


BTW its for a barrel in Riverwood. Doesn't matter which one. And also:

1. Put gold in barrel
2. Make a NEW save onto usb (or just move it)
3. THEN mod it :)


So Does This Work?


3 one hit wonders great -.-
il try this when i wake up and see if it actually works


Does this work now im thinking about trying it today?..


Doesnt Work Have Tryed Over and Over


does not work got a disk unreadable when started up then loaded an unmodded save n it loaded fine. am i doing something wrong heres what i did.
1moved save to usb
2opened with modio n placed on desktop
3opened with tool entered 999999 and saved it "modded succesfuly" message appears.
4dragged modded save from desktop to modio. overwrite file
5open in resigner and rehash n resign.
6close everything out n put back on xb HD


This happen to be for a certain barrel? File opened with amount of 4 gold in barrel. I used a barrel in whiterun, and used one outside in skyrim. Neither one worked for the barrel I put my gold in. Opened file modded it, rehashed/signed, and no luck with barrel full o'gold. used modio for the rehash/sign+ followed ur instructions