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BO2 Special class name mods

Download Name: BO2 Special class name mods  

Category: Xbox 360 Xbox 360 Other

Author: Dalm

Submitted By: Dalm

Date Added:

Version: 1

File Size: 1.82 KB

File Type: (Zip file)

Comments: 4

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Item description:

[align=center][font=Verdana]Got sent this earlier by a friend, thought I'd post it in here. I'm not sure how many know about these codes, but I didn't until earlier and they are pretty cool.


I hope these aren't abused too often, but they are useful when you come across certain people online.

Some may not work as I have copied them on to TTG and some of the codes may not be allowed.

Here is a download link for them all, these work 100%.[url=!wBFgDQJL!mj-6eORbNUeh5NWUO_m_Z705s3iOZ_B_aKVDFSD6aEs]Download

Freeze Box's - These can be used for class names and gamertag changers. It will freeze those who attempt to click on whatever has the code on, but also hides your gamertag 100%

[spoil]^H'9/3 _tMzt~ZgX&
(BigBox) ^HT


BO2 Globe as name
^H ui_globe^H ui_globe^Hui_globe
MoDzFoRFuNHD ^H ui_globe^H
(Tiny Globe) ^Hui_globe^H ui_globe
(Tiny Gobe x3) ^H ui_globe^H ui_globe^H [/spoil]


Cool picture names - Sight reticles - Camo

[spoil]Acog Picture Names


Camo Picture Names



Crazy Picture Names


Weapon Picture Names




I don't take credit for this, I just added them on to TTG in case some didn't know about them and I thought they are pretty cool.

I tested them all and they do work fine, some of the picture names on classes are a bit buggy though.

Have fun[/align]
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Related Forum: Xbox Forum

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nonadaptive Do you happen to also have a class editor?

I added a tool that has multiple options. I personally use Chaotic360


Do you happen to also have a class editor?


Thanks for sharing. Never even knew about this
Gonna give them a try


Can confirm these work 100% :)