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NIOH - PS4 Game Save #1

Download Name: NIOH - PS4 Game Save #1  

Category: PS4 Game Saves

Submitted By: Sean

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File Size: 11.91 MB

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Item description:

One file is at level 9 - the bone stock starter save. And the other one is at level 400.

Both files are at the beginning mission, (after the prologue.)

Here are the active mods for both save files -

// • Max Amrita
- With the level 9 stock save, you'll only be able to get up to level 356. You'll need more to go beyond that.

• Max Gold
- This does not disappear, even if you die. You'll have enough for anything you want, from beginning to end.

• Max Blacksmith Patronage Points
- This is what you use to get discounts and such, from the blacksmith. You can even unlock the hair shop.

• Max Angyo Prestige Points
- After a few missions or so, you will have access to the Prestige System. What this does, is that it applies additional points into your Ki, and such. You can use up all the points in Angyo, you'll have enough to max everything out.

• Max Elixirs
Unfortunately, you can only carry up to 8, and the cheat doesn't affect the storehouse. So you're only getting 8.

• Max Ochoko
Late in the game, when you beat the final boss, you can use Ochoko to farm for Divine equipment. //
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"NIOH - PS4 Game Save #1" :: Login/Create an Account :: 7 comments

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How can i transfer to my ps4 ?
when i try , it says that the save belongs to another user


Any chance of an Eu save ? or a tutorial on how to do it ?


unfortunate its EN version .. and i was looking for EU save file
if anyone have similar but EU save pls post it


thank you But second
SAVEDATA00.bin file is corrupted


how do I transfer it my ps4 without getting the "save belongs to another user" message ???


shthug thank you a Lot.. i was looking for it

How can i transfer to my ps4 ?
when i try , it says that the save belongs to another user ..


thank you a Lot.. i was looking for it