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Dead Island - Save editor V1.9

Download Name: Dead Island - Save editor V1.9  

Category: Xbox 360 Editors & Tools

Author: Jappi88

Submitted By: Sean

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File Size: 3.44 MB

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Dead Island - Save editor V1.9

Version 1.8 Changelog.
Fixed a few Items
Added a few items.
Added drag and drop.
Fixed Durability ( i hope ) , tested with a few saves, and it worked.
Recoded the whole app , Thanks To FeudalNate.
Redisigned By Sephiroth

Set Maximum amount inventory to 999.999.999

Changelog V1.9.
Fixed Vissual Isseu ( redisigned By Sephiroth)
fixed bug, and item.
Changed Durabilty ( may work different )
added 2 more items.

How to.
No Need to extract anything ( only extract the save from your MU), use the full save.

1. grab your save from your memoryUnit.
2. open the save editor , and browse your save, or just drag and drop your save.
3. edit to your likings and hit save.
4. transfer the save back to your MU, and profit.

There is no need to Rehash/resigh, the editor does it for you.

Note ! The Duribility button is only for the melee weopons... swords/chainsaw, ect.
the duribility will drop, but you will keep your weapon.
Keep in mind that it does only work with Melee weapons listed in the tool.

Note ! do not change the save name.

Note ! Make sure you disable your antivirus before extracting the save editor.
because the PackageIO may seem as Trojan, and will be deleted.

Note ! if you have problem with the visual, then try to set your Theme to Classic.

Make sure you have this in the application folder :

Dead Island Save editor.exe
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.

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ok this is something like the 15th of april 2012 it just says windows cant open this file what do you want to do how do i get the correct program or a different one which does the same thing eg durability item value


Thanks for this editor!


Oh wow... YAY doesnt work for PS3.


Hi all. To use this you need winrar. Just google it and download it. This works 100% you just need the right items and programs!


I try to open it then it pulls up an error for clr and closes. Help please?


does anybody know how to duplicate guns?


No longer works with the latest TU


it says rar file so how do you use it