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Saints Row The Third Gamesave Editor

Download Name: Saints Row The Third Gamesave Editor  

Category: Xbox 360 Editors & Tools

Author: Jappi88

Submitted By: Sean

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Saints Row 3 *The Third* Gamesave Editor

V Changelog :

* Added Respect , your able to mod your respect to max 50 ( but is probebly too high )
olso keep in mind , you wont be able to unlock all skill by just maxing your respect, you need to reach the required level by EARNING the Respect Points.

* optimized the code and fixed a bug.

* Added Max respect to 39... this will level you up to 39 and fill the respect bar, you only need to earn 10 points to level up.

this can be made for every level, but requires to be set for each level accordingly.
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Max money only goes to 10,000,000. Infinite sprint works infinite health DOES NOT WORK!


I understand after maxing the respect meter not all of the skills will be unlocked; however, after getting to level 40, what is the actual level I am at, and how long to reach the required levels needed to unlock stuff? The last skill I was able to unlock was dual wield handguns... I am now level 43 and still no upgrades available... Any help would be greatly appreciated..