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FIFA 12 100% Virtual Pro gamesave

Download Name: FIFA 12 100% Virtual Pro gamesave  

Category: Xbox 360 Game saves

Author: munkee

Submitted By: Sean

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The game save is from the FIFA 12 early release. so the game ID will show all zeros. so you must manually inject the game save into your FIFA 12 folder. Another issue is the rendering of the VP's skin.

I know of three options to deal with this. One, change his skin tone to very dark Second, be a goalkeeper and wear a long sleeve shirt and pants…Third, download a game face from the EA futbol site.

1. Open the save with which ever AIO mod tool that you feel comfortable with.

2. Insert your Profile/Device/Console ID

3. Rehash and Resign the game save

4. Inject the game save into the retail FIFA 12 folder on your USB
located ---> Data/Content/E000000000000000/45410967/00000001/ <--- inject game save there. if you do not manually inject the save into FIFA 12's retail game save folder, you will not see the VP once you start up FIFA 12.

5. Done! if you want, you can transfer the game save from your usb to your xbox hard drive to ensure that you've done everything correctly.
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"FIFA 12 100% Virtual Pro gamesave" :: Login/Create an Account :: 12 comments

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can do this with PS3 fifa 12 virtual pro either?


My xbox freezes before it loads up to the arena, any solutions ?


when i use this my xbox freezes when i connect to the EA servers, is the any way of fixing this?! please help


let me help you guys out

1. download modio on google modio go to open device (this is after you have gone to your xbox and moved your gamesave from there to your usb)(must do this)

3.on modio go to open device(make sure your usb is pluged in)

4.your profile should pop up just keep clicking to the end when you get to the last numbers where when you click notthing happens stop.(also move it to you desktop)

5.get the download from this guy and move it to your desktop

6.go back to modio and go to open a savegame a window pops up and click the download from this guy should be numbers a other save game on modio this time open yours!

8.make sure you know which is yours and which is the download from this guy.

9.on the one that is yours you see numbers in the Id part and on under it and on the other its blank(the downloaded one)

10. copy and paste the numbers to the downloaded one

11. click rehash and resign (on the downloaded one)

12.delete yours from the open device (export device thing) and move the download one to where you deleted. (yes it the downloaded one from the desktop)(you must press rehash and resign or does not work also change the id to yours!!!) can delete your gamesave or leave it on the computer in case if you want to go back to wha ever level you were. (just do it all over)

i have a video on youtube but its in a other langue so read this and you want to see me do it go to

download links to modio and this gamesave are also on the video

please thank


could you please help me


Looking for virtual pro players gt: Blackhawx777. MSG ME!


Can anyone explain how to " manually inject " ?


what is the password for zip file please help


KRaYZieFooL just did this and it was 99% D: but to get 100% you have to complete: play 1000 matches as a goalkeeper and think its 500 tackles? so not much to be done really but great game save thanks! :)
Same this happened 2 me 2


Awesome download. Bit tricky when trying to figure where to inject it, but after that, easy. Thanks!!