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PlayStation 4 SDK - PS4 Tool

Download Name: PlayStation 4 SDK - PS4 Tool  

Category: PlayStation 4 Downloads PS4 Mod Tools

Author: CTurt

Submitted By: Sean

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An open source PlayStation 4 SDK.

Building and installing

You will need LLVM version 3.7 or later for compiling, and binutils for linking (from MinGW if you are on Windows).

Clone this repository locally, or download and extract a ZIP of the repository here.

Then create an environment variable called, PS4SDK which points to the base directory of the repository, using the Unix path style; for example:

Build the libraries by running make on the libPS4 and libusbfatfs directories.

Finally, you can build examples by running make on them.


At the moment, it is primarily focused on the kernel. For example, all semaphore system calls have been implemented, from 549 to 556.

However, using function pointers and the RESOLVE macro, we can call functions from other modules. For example, the socket functions from libSceNet.sprx.


Whilst the SDK isn't capable of most basic functionality yet, such as displaying graphics, or receiving controller input, there are workarounds: rendering to an HTML5 canvas, and using third party USB controllers, or a DS/PSP wirelessly for example.

The SDK is currently in a state where projects like an FTP server, a mini Pong game, or GameBoy emulator could be developed.


hello - Load libc module and perform getpid system call

sockets - Send a message over a TCP socket

modules - Load and dump a module

threads - Create and wait for a thread to increment a variable

canvas - Render to an HTML5 canvas

camera - Initialise the PlayStation Camera and capture 10 frames

pad - Read controller input (not finished)


directories - List the contents of a directory

files - Read a file's size, and its contents


list_devices - List information about all USB devices connected

storage - Read raw image from a USB flash drive

usbfatfs - Read files from USB formatted with FAT
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Pretty impressive that you can already exploit playstations.