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Musou Orochi Z PS3 JP 100%

Download Name: Musou Orochi Z PS3 JP 100%  

Category: PlayStation 3 PS3 Game Saves & Sets

Submitted By: KyoukenMadDog

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Item description:

Musou Orochi Z PS3

JP BLJM60139

*to use on ps3, you'll need apollo save tool to resign this save to use as your own since the game will preent you from overwriting the save as a different user

*no one has ever tested this game on rpcs3, the original jp version, to see if it's compatible or not. if the game is playable, then you can just decrypt the save with bruteforce

261 hours and 41 mins of gameplay time
99,999 exp (also used for upgrading weapons and adding elements to them)

all treasures (ingredients and crafting items) for weapon upgrade acquired (eg. obsidian, jade, amber, etc)
all upgrade skills (enchantments) acquired (created 60+ of almighty/tenbu, and at least some of etc)
all weapons types unlocked in gallery for all officers (including gold weapon)
all weapon attribute formulas acquired
all abilities acquired and maxed at 20 (some abilities like karma, cavalier, etc only have 15 as max)
all wallpapers obtained for all officers as well as all special wallpapers (orochi X (shin orochi), dodomeki and gyuki DO NOT have wallpapers)
all officers maxed out at level 99
all movie cutscenes unlocked
all story mode stages cleared (on easy, normal, hard, chaos)
all dramatic mode stages cleared (on easy, normal, hard, chaos)
all free mode stages and campaign cleared (on easy, normal, hard, chaos)
all playable characters unlocked (96/96)
all story mode stages cleared 140/140
all story campaigns and scenarios completed in free mode with all clear (on easy, normal, hard, chaos)
all officers have their 4th costume unlocked
all officers have maxed 50 proficiency

- not sure if there's anything to be unlocked for 100 wins in survival mode, ie. a trophy, in game content, etc, will need some confirmation on this from someone in the future, but it seems unlikely that something would be unlocked anyways, other than this, this save is pretty much assumed to be at 100% completion

- may have missed a few things to list, but long story short this game's save is completed at 100%
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