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The Witcher 3 Save NG+ 100 % Complete PS4 GOTY

Download Name: The Witcher 3 Save NG+ 100 % Complete PS4 GOTY  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: Anonymous

Submitted By: Kevstar91700

Date Added:

Version: 1.0

File Size: 4.95 MB

File Type: (Zip file)

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Downloads: 75

Views: 517

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Item description:

This is my 100% complete Witcher 3: GOTY PS4 save NG+ : Every quest done including all DLC's, best possible build and every unique or interesting item collected.

- all quests including all missable encounters completed with all objectives checked green (2 bugged objectives checked red because they always fail)
- all bestiary entries
- all tutorials complete
- all character entries
- all quest books and books
- all crafting diagrams (I checked and I have every single one) in their most powerful versions since I started this new game plus at level 100
- all alchemy recipes
- all oils, decoctions, potions and bombs made and collected
- at least one of every single food and drink item in the game collected
- enough crafting items and alchemy ingredients to make any item in the game
- all locations on all maps discovered, more caves discovered than I've seen anyone have (missing only one fast travel point on Skellige but it's bugged and I can't get it to appear on the map)
- Corvo Bianco fully upgraded
- all unique or interesting items
- all unique swords given to Geralt during quests
- all coolest weapons and armor collected
- all paintings
- all armor dyes and their formulae
- all trophies on Corvo Bianco display places
- hundreds of greater mutagens thanks to mutagenerator from farming to level 100 on my first save
- over 50 000 000 crowns collected
- all Gwent cards in the game collected for every faction and the best deck for every faction equipped, won a game of Gwent on hard Gwent difficulty with every playable npc in the game
- best horse gear equipped
- best build possible: deal insane damage, take no damage, great sign power and possiblity for very frequent sign use
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