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PS3 Minecraft Trophy World SAVE SET ALL DLC/EX 1 To 10 All Regions

Download Name: PS3 Minecraft Trophy World SAVE SET ALL DLC/EX 1 To 10 All Regions  

Category: PlayStation 3 PS3 Game Saves & Sets

Author: CookiestMonster

Submitted By: CookiestMonster

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Version: 1.84

File Size: 16.80 MB

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Item description:

All Trophies for plat and all DLC/EX Trophies 1 To 10 apart from pvp ex trophies

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[url=]Minecraft All Trophies World With All Expansion Packs Get The Plat In 20 Minutes PS3 All Regions - YouTube

When going in any world you will get this trophy automatically Passing Time Trophy
Play for 100 days.

First World
Read The signs and get the trophies
Adventuring Time - Discover 17 of 40 biomes.
Let it go! - Walk across the surface of a deep ocean by freezing the water with Frost Walker boots.

Second World - MAIN WORLD
All Trophies apart from advetnure time, let it go and pvp trophies
Read The signs and get the trophies
Taking Inventory - Open your inventory.

Getting Wood- Punch a tree until the block of wood pops out.

Benchmarking - Craft a workbench with four blocks of wooden planks.

Time to Mine! - Use planks and sticks to make a pickaxe.

Hot Topic - Construct a furnace out of eight cobblestone blocks.

Acquire Hardware - Smelt an iron ingot.

Time to Farm! - Use planks and sticks to make a hoe.

Bake Bread - Turn wheat into bread.

The Lie - Bake a cake using wheat, sugar, milk and eggs!

Getting an Upgrade - Construct a better pickaxe.

Delicious Fish - Catch and cook a fish!

On A Rail - Travel by minecart to a point at least 500m in a single direction from where you started.

Time to Strike! - Use planks and sticks to make a sword.

Monster Hunter - Attack and destroy a monster.

Cow Tipper - Harvest some leather.

When Pigs Fly - Use a saddle to ride a pig, then have the pig get hurt from fall damage while riding it.

Leader Of The Pack - Befriend five wolves.

MOAR Tools - Construct one type of each tool (one pickaxe, one spade, one axe and one hoe).

Dispense With This - Construct a Dispenser.

Into The Nether - Construct a Nether Portal.

Sniper Duel - Kill a skeleton with an arrow from more than 50 meters.

DIAMONDS! - Acquire diamonds with your iron tools.

Return to Sender - Destroy a Ghast with a fireball.

Into Fire - Relieve a Blaze of its rod.

Local Brewery - Brew a potion.

The End? - Enter an End Portal.

The End. - Kill the Enderdragon.

Enchanter - Construct an Enchantment Table.

Awarded all trophies - All trophies have been awarded.

EX 1
Overkill - Deal nine hearts of damage in a single hit.

Librarian - Build some bookshelves to improve your enchantment table.

Adventuring Time NOT IN THIS WORLD

Repopulation - Breed two cows with wheat.

Diamonds to you! - Throw diamonds at another player.

Pork Chop - Cook and eat a pork chop.

Archer - Kill a creeper with Arrows.

EX 2
The Haggler - Mine or purchase 30 Emeralds.

Pot Planter - Craft and place a Flower Pot.

It's a Sign! - Craft and place a Sign.

Iron Belly - Stop starvation using Rotten Flesh.

Have a Shearful Day - Use Shears to obtain wool from a Sheep.

Rainbow Collection - Gather all 16 colours of Wool.

Stayin' Frosty - Swim in lava while having the Fire Resistance effect.

EX 3
Chestful of Cobblestone - Mine 1,728 Cobblestone and place it in a chest.

Renewable Energy - Smelt Wood Trunks using Charcoal to make more Charcoal.

Music to my Ears - Play a music disc in a Jukebo

Body Guard - Create an Iron Golem.

Iron Man - Wear a full suit of Iron Armour.

Zombie Doctor - Cure a Zombie Villager.

Lion Tamer - Tame an Ocelot.

The Beginning? - Spawn the Wither.

The Beginning. - Kill the Wither.

Beaconator - Create and fully power a Beacon.

Overpowered - Eat a Notch Apple.

Tie Dye Outfit - Dye all 4 unique pieces of Leather Armor.

Trampoline - Bounce 30 blocks upward off a Slime Block.

EX 5 PVP only not in world

The End... Again... - Respawn the Enderdragon.

You Need a Mint - Collect Dragon's Breath in a Glass Bottle.

Super Sonic - Use an Elytra to fly through a 1 by 1 gap while moving faster than 40 m/s.

Dry Spell - Dry a Sponge in a Furnace.

EX 7
Free Diver - Stay underwater for 2 minutes.

Super Fuel - Power a Furnace with Lava.

Saddle Up - Tame a Horse.

Taste of Your Own Medicine - Poison a Witch with a Splash Potion.

Beam Me Up - Teleport over 100 meters from a single throw of an Ender Pearl.

Map Room - Place a fully explored Map into an Item Frame.

Camouflage - Kill a Mob while wearing the same type of Mob Head.

EX 8 PVP only not in world

EX 9
The Deep End- Defeat an Elder Guardian.

Great View From Up Here - Levitate up 50 block from the attacks of a Shulker.

Change of Sheets - Dye your bed a different color.

Cheating Death - Use the Totem of Undying to cheat death.

So I got that going for me... - Lead a caravan containing at least 5 Llamas.

Let it go! - NOT IN THIS WORLD

Feeling ill - Defeat an Evoker.

EX 10
One Pickle, Two Pickle, Sea Pickle, Four - Place four Sea Pickles in one block.

Alternative Fuel - Use a Dried Kelp block as fuel in a furnace.

Moskstraumen - Activate a Conduit.

Castaway - Eat nothing but Kelp for 3 days.

Sleep with the Fishes - Stay underwater for one full day without using potions.

Echolocation - Bribe a Dolphin.

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