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[EU] Metal Gear Solid 3 (PS3) ALL Kerotan frogs collected game save

Download Name: [EU] Metal Gear Solid 3 (PS3) ALL Kerotan frogs collected game save  

Category: PlayStation 3 PS3 Game Saves & Sets

Author: Jon

Submitted By: PlatinumChaser

Date Added:

Version: EU

File Size: 128.52 KB

File Type: (Rar file)

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Downloads: 13

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Item description:

EU version for Metal Gear Solid 3 all Kerotan frogs collected. only one l didnt get was the very last one. so when you load up this save you will be in the final Battle with The Boss. Just use the Sniper Rifle to shoot the ONE Kerotan and thats it.

You will pop your Its Not Easy Being Green Trophy. l did all the others including those annoying ones on the Motorcycle chases, so you dont have to. all you need to do is Shoot the FINAL one in the final Boss area and you will get your Trophy. and as l said when you load up this save you will be right at the final boss area battle. just look up and shoot that last Kerotan frog and thats it.

Also note l have seen people saying on other peoples posts how can they get the save files to work on their PS3/PS4 etc. you cant just load someone elses save onto your account and have it work. each persons save file is linked to that persons account. You HAVE TO Resign a save data file in order to make it your own.So for PS4 saves. use either BruteForce or use Save Wizard. l prefer SaveWizard, but its not a free program though, but worth every cent.

and in this case for this save file you need to use GameGenie for PS3 which also isnt free, but its not expensive though. there are free alternatives though if you look around for a PS3 save data Resigner. But GameGenie and SaveWizard are so much easier to use. but its upto you which one you want to use.

Just make sure the game save data you want to Resign is the SAME region as your own. so This save file is for EU so everyone in the Europe region. You can re-region save data aswell, but l wont go into that now. So yea just use GameGenie or PS3 Save Resigner to Resign my save data to make it your own, and then you can use it on your own PS3 and the trophy will pop after you shoot the final Kerotan that l left.
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