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Jurassic Park (SNES, SRAM/Save Hack) 100% Save File

Download Name: Jurassic Park (SNES, SRAM/Save Hack) 100% Save File  

Category: SNES SNES Game Saves

Author: ShadowOne333

Submitted By: Sean

Date Added:

File Size: 6.43 KB

File Type: (Zip file)

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Item description:

A 100% save file for Jurassic Park on SNES.
This save file was created and done using the hack "Jurassic Park Save Feature Patch" that aims to add a SRAM/save feature into the main game, which was one of major drawbacks of the original release.

This save file has the following:
Slot 1: 100%
All main objectives completed
Generator turned on
Computer System rebooted
Raptor's entrance to the Visitor's Center closed
Ship cleared of dinosaurs and kept at harbor
Nerve Gas Canister obtained and placed at the Raptor's Nest
All 18 Raptor Eggs obtained
Mainland contacted for escape
All ID Cards obtained
Dennis Nedry's ID (At Beach Utility Shed)
John Hammond's ID (At top of the Visitors Center)
Alan Grant's ID (At 1st floor of the Visitors Center)
Ian Malcolm's ID (At Upper Level of the Raptor's Pen)
Donald Gennaro's ID (At the basement of the Nublar Utility Shed)
Ray Arnold's ID (A the basement of the Beach Utility Shed)
Dr. Wu's ID (At the second sublevel of the ship)
Robert Muldoon's ID (At sublevel 1 of the Raptor's Pen)
Ellie Satler's ID (At the 3rd sublevel of the ship)
Escape from the island pending. Last saving spot done on the post next to the Helipad for easy access.
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.
Related Forum: Gaming Discussion

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