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[US] Mortal Shell - Forever Alone and Life is Suffering Trophies Save

Download Name: [US] Mortal Shell - Forever Alone and Life is Suffering Trophies Save  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: Tony Akawari

Submitted By: reidouraidou

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Version: CUSA16364

File Size: 19.01 MB

File Type: (Zip file)

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Item description:

The save from thetechgame doesn't have the main thing to cheese the last boss: Ornate Coins and Golden Bells.

Thx to a mix of my own save and the character data from Rookie/3bdullaH7(which was missing all the other data) on NGU, I managed to put together the plat.

Equip only the Golden Bell and Ornate Coin
Take some distance from the boss to use them
The Ornate Coin nulls any damage done to you(once)after you get hit while hardened. This alone will prevent you from getting one shotted if you miss an attack or a harden.
The Golden Bell restores a lot of Resolve with each hit of the sword. 4 swings are enough to use the R1+L1 abillity of the sword, which knocks down the boss as long as he's not jumping or doing complex animations.
Kite the summons. The ornate coin prevents only one hit, so kill one add and dodge.
All the itens are infinite so use as many as you like.
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.
Related Forum: PlayStation Forum

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