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Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed PC Steam 105%

Download Name: Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed PC Steam 105%  

Category: PC Gaming PC Game Saves

Submitted By: hariki

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Item description:

Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed PC Steam save

(may or may not work on non-steam version, probably)

*This save DOES NOT account for yogscast DLC, so the completion % may be different because of this one DLC. The percentages recorded on here are only for the characters NOT including yogscast. However, metal sonic and ryo hazuki are included in the percentages since the save includes them as part of the records.

General Winters and Willemus VIP mods were glitched when they were introduced into the steam version of the game. Their last mod had to be retroactively unlocked in world tour and both weren't unlocked automatically. For G. Winters it's the console mod at moonlight park, and for Willemus it's the console mod at twilight engine (saturn mod).

Info on the save checklist:

105% game completed (100% + 5% for unlocking stickers, beating ghosts, extraneous stuff, etc, this can go up to 110%. this may or may not be affected by the inclusion of yogscast dlc)

232/232 world tour stars

30/30 characters unlocked (includes ryo hazuki and metal sonic dlc as part of the records; it doesn't have yogscast dlc, you need to buy that; with yogscast dlc this number will be 31/30)

10/10 grand prix wins

168/168 staff ghosts beaten

107/120 stickers collected (The last 13 stickers are pretty much just done by playing with friends and playing in the dead "6 feet under" modes of arena and lucky dip in online mode. Have your pick at those and complete the sticker collection if you can...)

180/180 mods earned
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Related Forum: PC Gaming Forum

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