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Fallout New Vegas God Game Save

Download Name: Fallout New Vegas God Game Save  

Category: Xbox 360 Xbox 360 Game Saves

Submitted By: Sean

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File Size: 373.58 KB

File Type: (Rar file)

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Item description:

In this save you will be in the goodsprings school and you have never left goodsprings. You will reload almost instantly, run much faster, and has Testicles the Debug Centuron to help you. This list includes all of the features of this save.

+Level 30
+Max Special
+Max Skills
+All Equipment and Items
+High Condition for all Weapons and Armor (near unbreakable)
+Increased Carrying Weight (Unlimited)
+Increased Action Points (+100)
+Increased Health Points (+250)
+Extreme HP Regen
+Increased Resistances (Max)
+Ignore Crippled Limbs
+Underwater Breathing
+Increase Crit Chance (+10%)
+Increased Movement Speed (+50%)
+Most Perks (rest remaining for level up)
+All Perks (no bloodly mess)
+Power Armor Training
+Fast Travel anywhere
+Followers Unkillable
+Followers w/near unlimited Carrying Weight
+Debug NPC (Set rep for any faction, Get any follower, Pretty much everything from this npc)

NOTE:This is not my save. I take no credit for developing this save. All credit goes to the creator!
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.
Related Forum: Xbox Forum

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