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Persona 3 Portable USA Clear 1x Save

Download Name: Persona 3 Portable USA Clear 1x Save  

Category: PSP & PS Vita PSP Game Saves

Submitted By: hariki

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Item description:

Persona 3 Portable USA PSP

save not modded at all, since a lot of the so-called 100% saves out there are modded and the personae in the compendium are broken as a result using cheats, and also the social links cannot be completed because of cheats

over 150 hours play time on the save

Includes New Game+ clear data (Save 1, data00) and Jan 31 before Nyx fight, to show the items and etc that would be transferred over to new game+ and personae in the compendium without having to skip to may 10 in NG+ to check (Save 2, data01)

Level 99 on next playthrough

All ultimate weapons acquired for everyone except Aigis, and FeMC (can get from her playthrough only, and cannot be fused by male MC)

max money 9,999,999 yen

pretty good equipment to mitigate teammates' weaknesses

most social links maxed (acquired the max social link items from those completed social links only), some personas missing

enough armor of light and shoes of light for every character, including shinjiro and FeMC (does not apply to aigis and koromaru)

soul of athena and aura dog suit obtained

max courage, academics, and charm

94% persona compendium

Can choose as minato or kotone shiomi for new game+
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Related Forum: PlayStation Forum

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