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Street fighter iv saves

Download Name: Street fighter iv saves  

Category: Xbox 360 Xbox 360 Game Saves

Submitted By: Sean

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Item description:

Street Fighter IV 1000GS Saveset by Akuma & Friends

*Use the following saves in the correct order to unlock achievements
in the correct order

Save 1 - Normal Time Attack and Survival Hard

* First I recommend completing arcade mode on the following settings

1 Round
30 Seconds
Use Zangief and keep using the Spinning Lariet (LB Button/All 3 Punches)

Do this without losing a round and defeat Seth. You may also
encounter Akuma at the end. Defeat him and the following achieves
should unlock:

Arcade Rat 20GS
Save Your Quarters 30GS
World Champion 30GS
The World Warrior 20GS
Storied Reputation 30GS

To get Legendary Champion 50GS

This can only be done legit. I found using Zangief on the following

1 Round
Infinite Time

I got 3 Perfects, 2 Ultra Combos and 1 Super Combo. After Defeating
Seth you should get to Gouken. Defeat him with the same Spinning
Lariat technique to unlock the achievement.

To get the following achievements simply perform one of the following
moves or goals:

Special Move Master 10 GS - Perform 1 special move
Simply Perfect 10 GS - Perform 1 perfect
Crowd Pleasing Master 10GS - Perform 1 personal action
EX-cellent Master 20GS - Perform 1 EX Special Move
Challenger 10GS - Complete one challenge
Focus Master 10 GS- Perform 1 Focus Attack
Ultra Combo Master 10 GS- Perform 1 Ultra Combo
Ultra Combo Champion 10GS - Perform 1 Ultra Combo Finish
Super Combo Master 10GS - Perform 1 Super Combo
Super Combo Champion 10 GS - Perform 1 Super Combo Finish

Now go to Challenge Mode and complete a challenge in Normal Time
Attack to unlock:

Rapid Fighter 10GS

Complete the first Hard Survival quota of 10 wins to unlock:

Last Man Standing 20GS - Use the Zangief technique again for an
easy win.

Save 2 - Hard Challenges & Sunny Daze

* Do not complete any challenges using this save just yet as the
achievements will unlock out of order. Just simply go to the
challenge mode and select any challenge. then on the character
select screen press B and leave the match. Then press B again to go
back to the Main Menu. THis should cause the game to save again and
unlock the following achievements:

Color Guard 10GS
No Sweat 10GS

Now go back to Challenge Mode and complete the First Level of Normal
Time attack to unlock the following:

Speed King 20GS

Complete the First Level of Normal Survival to unlock:

Tough Cookie 10Gs

Sunny Daze 40 GS - Perform a Super Combo or Ultra Combo Finish

Save 3 - Gold Challenges

Go to challenge mode and complete the First Level of normal time
attack to unlock the following:

The Gold Standard 50GS

Save 4 - 10 Win Streak (*Thanks to Boxing Champion of xploder)

Just win 1 ranked match and this should unlock the 1, 3, 5 and 10
ranked wins achievements:

First Victory 20GS
The Line Starts Here 20GS
I Got Next! 30GS
Playing To Win! 50GS

Save 5 - 500 Plays

Hopefully just win a online match to unlock the following:

Way of the Fist 10GS
The Journey Begins 20GS
10 Years Too Early 20GS
Hard Fought Battles 20GS
Proof of Battle 20GS
Medals Get! 20GS
Medal Collector 10GS
Medal Hunter 10GS
Medal Master 20GS

Lobbyist 10GS - Just create 1 lobby
All Dolled Up 10GS - Just set your title and icon
Taking On All Comers - Fight and complete 1 fight request whilst on
arcade mode with fight request on. This is selected from main menu
by pressing RB.

Save 6 - Technical Fighter (*Thanks to nimet)

Technical Fighter 10GS Just load up the save and complete one of the
trials on normal and it will unlock.

Save 7 - Hard Trials and Challenge Expert (*Thanks to theglow)

Just go to Challenge and complete a Hard Trial. Ryus first trial
is really easy so complete that one to unlock the following:

Challenge Expert 30GS
No Challenge Too Hard 20GS

Save 8 - Titles and Icons (*Akuma and dasz316)

Okay we used the save by theglow and just got the remaining medals
to unlock the remaining titles and icons. Doing another 400 wins on
this was really boring but thanks to dasz316 for being a great
boosting partner. I think I got over a 200 win streak. Surely thats
better than 108 wins. Can I be in the Guiness Book of Records now?

Okay just press RB at the main menu and change your title and icon.
Then press B and the game will save and unlock the following

Title Master 50GS
Icon Master 50GS
Unbeatable Fist 0GS

If you follow these instructions you will get the full 1000GS.

Hope you find this save useful. I spent a long time trying to
create it so hopefully it will help you for some of those very time
consuming achieves. If you decide to share my save anywhere else
please at least credit me for creating the save and the other people
involved. Thanks

N.B. Cheers to nimet, dasz316, Boxing Champion and all members at
xploder and for getting this saveset to work.
Big thanks to theglow for completing all Hard Trials.
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.
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