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Jumper - save set

Download Name: Jumper - save set  

Category: Xbox 360 Xbox 360 Game Saves

Submitted By: Sean

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Item description:

Can be done on level 1 (start a new game - should go through the tutorial to at least be familiar with the controls):

Slice and Dice
Stop Hitting Yourself
Right Hook
Combo #5
Shall We Dance
Deep End
Hot Delivery

Save Set -

Level 3 -

Gnoming - Find 7 collectibles

7. Located in Level 3 (Egypt 1)
After you leave the second large room wind through the corridor, take the doorway on your right and into the next section. Move around the column in front of you. There will be a doorway on the right and a work station against the back wall. Make your way to the work station and located on a wheeled cart is a golden scarab...your collectible.
Nothing but net / Dodge This - Bosses at the end shoot both tethers and nets - site and push an attack button when cursor is in light blue bar

Level 4 -

Solar - Find all comic covers

4. Located in level 4 (Lab)
After the lobby area with all the doors you will enter a large warehouse like room. Head down the stairs and look to your left to locate another stairwell leading up. Once at the top of that stairway you should notice a jump marker across the room. Follow the jump markers to a secluded second floor area. Along the right wall is a computer desk with a chair in front of it. On the chair is the fourth and final comic.

Level 6 -
Impulse 9 - Collect all weapons (2 in the level to pick up)
5. Broadsword: Located in level 6 (Egypt 2)
After the initial cut scene you will jump to another room and yet another scene will play with dudes running into the room after you. During this second scene you will see the sword lying on the table where the collectible scepter was located. You really can't miss this one.
6. Chinese Sword: Located in level 6 (Docks)
Near the end of the second trip through Egypt you will begin a boss fight with Sam Jackson's character. This fight is divided into four parts. During the fourth and final area (where you're on the dock and the ship crashes into it). After the fight starts up directly behind the boss is an open white cargo container. Inside this container on the back wall is the final weapon.
Pack Rat - Find all collectibles
21. Located in Level 6 (Nepal temple)
After you have gone up to the third floor and come down a different set of stairs back down to the second floor. Move left around the balcony area until you come to a large piece of wood lying over the rail. (Looks like a ramp) On this piece of wood is a collectible idol.

Gladiator - Get 20k Experience points - should come by beating level 6
When Its Done - Finish level 6 (Beat the game)

Level 6 2nd run through -
The Buffet - Get 45k Experience points - will unlock during the level
Speed Demon - Beat the level quickly (shouldnt be too hard if you went through it already and you have the upgraded weapon)
Hard Target - Beat game without dying (if you die, quickly pause and exit to dash, have to repeat level again)

Not Included - Drop Dead - popped during my second run through the game (level 4) - best advice is to play through a little after you beat the game with level 6 and it should eventually pop - besides, the enemies are super easy with that Chinese sword you are carrying; just watch the cut-scenes in their entirety for the drop zone kills...
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.
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