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Harry Potter : OOTP saveset

Download Name: Harry Potter : OOTP saveset  

Category: Xbox 360 Xbox 360 Game Saves

Submitted By: Sean

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Item description:

Arrive at Hogwarts = start a new game (need to make a save)

Discoverd the room of reuirement = lock on to nevils and follow to get achieve

DA Ten = ???????

Discovery lvl 1 = Use Ssave to get box in the stoney court yard on a DA Mission (have 10 to make save off of DA Ten save)

DA 20 = ???????

all DA = ??????

walk 9 miles = Use save - talk to nevils - then go to room get book and walk backery

Discovery lvl 2 = Use save go to stony court yard and run down the big hile towards the boat house

Discovery lvl 3 = Select Collin Crevey, then head to the Owerly and then climb up to the ledge on the task and meet the owl

Unhinge Umbridg = defeat slitherns up the hill

defeat voldermort = just beat him (need to get differ save)

Characters cup = use voldomort save and beat him (will get at the same time of beating volermort)

Finish the story = Defeat voldmort

Discovery lvl 4 = Go to viaduct entrence and repair the statue

Lunas Lost... = go to to viaduct entrance turn left and pick up the book on the floor

All teacher mini quests = Do Pro. Snapes quest

Discovery lvl 5 = put Pics on the wall then go to Defense Against the Dark Arts (need to make save so dont have to put pics up)

All Flying creatures = in the DADA - in right desk above projector (Can use Discovery lvl 5 save to get achieve)

All Ghosts = go to Pro. Snapes office and take 2 rights then go into the lil room and put pics up on the wall

Discovery lvl 6 = Go to Hagrids and go to the top left of the fire pit

All Foot Prints = Hagrids hut - follow trail down and be on left ( could use DL6 save-1 by wall-2 on trail)

All Chess PLayers = Go to Libary and play the girl in chess

All Snap Players Beaten = Go to the to clock tower 5th floor corridor and play the girl in the corridor

Discovery lvl 7 = Go to hagrids Hut and the 2nd firm use accio to collet hidden parcel

All Parcles Collected = Go On the trial by Hagrids and go to the botom and cast accio on the plant

All Chess Statues = on the 2nd floor between the staircase up to Defence Against Dark Arts and the one down to the Library.

All GobStones beat = Go to the paved pathway and play the black girl in snake pit

All PLax = Go to lvl 1 curved hallway and light the plak on fire

Eplorer Achiev = Go to pro. McGonagals Room (use All plax save)

Discovery lvl 8 = go to paved courtyard then repai the statue then put the bench on the sysmbol in the ground

All Symbols = go to Transfiguration Courtyard and match the benches up with color things

Cast 500 Spells = (use the symobls save and while tryin to spin globe you will get achieve)

All O's = Go to Potions

Discovery lvl 9 = Put all benches on symbols (use All O's Save)

All Portrits = Go put Invisiblity clok on - go to dungen potrit - hear p-word - take clok off - go back down to pic

Discovery lvl 10 = go to paved courtyard and light the last torch on the balcony on fire

Discovery lvl 11 = When loading up game profile glitch and it will pop up (must do it while in loading screen)

Discovery lvl 12 = go to hagrids hut and water the plants behind his house

Tidy Up Hogwarts = go to the hospital wing and make all beds (can use last save or current save)

Discovery lvl 13 = go to libary and play chess
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