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[EU] Kena Bridge of Spirits - Save Set [CUSA25000]

Download Name: [EU] Kena Bridge of Spirits - Save Set [CUSA25000]  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: mark1

Submitted By: Sean

Date Added:

Version: CUSA25000

File Size: 103.40 MB

File Type: (Rar file)

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Downloads: 43

Views: 562

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Item description:

I have a FULL SaveSet for you guys here, I've tested all saves and they work.
Some saves are simple whilst others involve fighting some bosses etc....
I assume the Collectible and Difficulty saves are what you'll mainly want but I've included all of them anyway.

1 Found a Friend

Approach the purple blob and press L1, now press TRIANGLE to collect the Rot and the Trophy.

2 Triple Threat

Just drop down and weaken the 3 easy enemies, then parry with L1 when they're close to you.
If you kill them by accident just let more re-spawn then rinse and repeat until you get it.

3 Haikyo

Just head all the way down the hill and into the Village.

4 Between the Eyes

Continue up the stairs to face off against a lone Shiled Sticks, just wait for your Rot ability to power up
(the yellow dot in the bottom left) then aim and sent your Rot to distract him now run behind him and use a light attack.

5 Good as New

Interact with the Forest Tear in front of you, now guide the Rot directly to your left and the Flower Shrine is there.

6 Into the Woods

Just continue forward along the path, then skip the cut scene.

7 Hunter in the Forest

Just continue forward along the path, then skip the cut scene.

8 Rot Commander

Slide down the slope in front of you then kill the 5 enemies in the trees, when the boss comes just launch
the rot onto him (L2 + []), repeat this another 4 times.

9 Taro's Fear

Send the Rot onto the giant rose thing on the roof using [] now shoot it with an arrow.

10 Bow Master

Run straight ahead and head to the right, follow it around until you reach the fallen tree with 2 enemies on it.
Once the Rot ability has charged (Yellow Dot on the bottom left), throw them at the first enemy on the fallen tree,
now shoot an arrow at him once the rot have surrounded him.

11 Taro's Love

Just throw a Rot at the rose type thing (press []) then hit L1.

12 Return to Sender

Take a few steps forward to start the Mage fight, just weaken it then parry the fireball.

13 Taro's Regret

Just continue down the stairs then open the door with L1, just defeat the boss for the trophy.
I couldn't make this save any easier.

14 Spirit Guide

Just approach Taro and interact.

15 Piercing Blow

Go straight ahead upstairs then into the garden, now line up the 3 easy enemies and use the Rot infused bow.
Hold L2 + R2 + [] to slow time and line them up, just reload the save as it may take a few goes.

17 The Open Range

Just follow the orange light and use the Mask when prompted.

18 Weigh Them Down

Just take a step forward to rigger the enemies, now launch a bomb at one of them using L2 + R1.

19 Adira's Love

Follow the path down and to the left, now throw a bomb on the Ox thats in the ground.

20 Adira's Fear

Just kill the boss, you'll need to expose his weak spots by using bombs, once he's damaged enough you can
send Rot onto the rose looking thing on his back for extra damage.

21 Quick Draw

Stand on the platform in front of you and press L1, now quickly shoot the 3 glowing red enemies with the bow.
Use quick fire by holdind L2 and tapping R2.

22 Adira's Regret

Head up the stairs and take care of the giant rose thing.

23 A Heavy Hammer

Just interact with Adira.

24 harpshooter

Head up the stairs and kill ALL but one small enemy, now jump on the porch on the house to the left
(for some reason the enemy doesn't try to approach you so you get plenty of time).
This is probably the trickiest trophy in the game, for me anyway.
My stratergy was to throw the bomb then quickly draw your bow then hit R3 (has to be done quick but it makes things easier).

25 Skillful Spirit Guide & Crossing Over

Open the menu and choose the last upgrade, now walk to the centre of the area and interact with the Mask.
(skip the cutscene and dialogue).

26 Toshi's Love

Head up the stairs interact with the Mask and kill the boss.

27 Toshi's Regret

Interact with the Mask and kill the boss.

28 Triple Tap

Head up the slope and place one of the pots on an alter, this should trigger 3 weak enemies to spawn,
just soften them up with an arrow then line them up before using Dash (L1 + R1).

29 Toshi's Fear

Interact with the Mask and kill the boss.

30 Curse Collector, Restoration Master, The Last Stop, No Stone Unturned & Hat Collector

From the load point head directly to your right and behind the house is the last cursed chest, just open it.
From the load point turn around and go back and to your left down the side of another house, in the back is a Forest Tear,
use this to collect the last Flower Shrine.
From the load point go straight and then right past the Hat Cart up the stairs, follow the path until you can take a left,
the last Spirit Mail is there, now clear the corruption and the last Rot will be to the right of the house under a log and the hat
will be in a chest at the back of the house.

31 A Leader Walks Alone & The Lonely Path

Continue forward and interact with the symbol on the floor, now defeat the boss.
Once defeated just dash through the gateway.

32 Restore Balance

Continue forward and defeat the boss

33 Zen Master

Head up the hill and interact with the last meditation spot.

34 Master Spirit Guide

Head up the hill and interact with the last meditation spot. (works on latest patch).
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.
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