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Metroid Fusion (J) English Easy, Normal, Hard mode Game Saves

Download Name: Metroid Fusion (J) English Easy, Normal, Hard mode Game Saves  

Category: Nintendo Switch Nintendo Switch Game Saves

Author: Home_Rowed

Submitted By: Sean

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Item description:

Gallery w/8 JP Only Endings

Using redfalcon's notes for an English code (code below) I made a new save, used the debug menu to unlock the endings, hard mode, then made new clear game files, and changed all the files to english. The result are these Easy, Normal, Hard saves (in that order) modded to the hidden English setting, with the Gallery, and all 13 Endings unlocked. It's now saved at the Ship with a 00:00 time, it will now replay Intro Cutscene. The file select menu is still stuck in Japanese, unless you were to use a patch, and the English code would glitch it up a little on that screen, but once a file is loaded the rest of the game is in English, even without a patch/code. The 2 patches I'm aware of "fusionj-english2.ips" by Grahf, and "MF_J_engInJap.ips" by biospark from [Metroid Construction], do translate the file select menu, though they don't allow access to the Child Mode endings, nor does this save, unfortunately.

Normally, the Japanese version of the game has 2 versions of the Japanese language selectable Japanese with Kanji (Known in-game as Adult Mode), and Japanese without Kanji (Child Mode). In Adult Mode, it's only possible to get the 5 endings which were also present in the (U) and (E) versions of the game, though they didn't have a Gallery to view all the endings that have been unlocked. And the Child Mode has 8 Japanese exclusive endings. However, the hidden English setting is only able to get the 5 Adult Mode endings.

03000014: 02

Using the Debug Menu AR code from [The Cutting Room Floor] I set the conditions to unlock all 13 Endings in the Gallery.

Debug Menu (Press R in the Start Menu):
B184C6E6 3192C61C
BE00B773 395EF076

Using a RAM map on [Data Crystal] they reference an "Intro story played flag" at memory address [3000015] which ended up being [3000019] in the (J) version, as their RAM map might be based on the (U) version, and this one was a bit offset from all their data points, I was eventually able to get the saves to play the intro cutscene on load. I was previously having issues getting it to load and save the cutscene. It ended up only being able to load it when the file was in the state to load the first objective text, then using memory address data as the CodeBreaker code [33000019 0000] shows the cutscene on load. Then, mashing through the cutscene and objective text to get to gameplay with the code on seems to auto save this flag to the file, reset without manually saving, and it's then able to show the cutscene on load without the code on. If you were to manually save there, then it won't replay the cutscene on load. It also doesn't seem to work on brand new game files, since those files seemingly don't want to auto save at the objective text and a manual save doesn't load it, even with the code on.

Intro Story Flag:
00 Not Played
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Related Forum: Gaming Discussion

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