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olletnaS's Modded Bloodborne save v1.2 (All regions with Tutorials)

Download Name: olletnaS's Modded Bloodborne save v1.2 (All regions with Tutorials)  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Modded Game Saves & Sets

Author: olletnaS

Submitted By: olletnaS

Date Added:

Version: 1.09

File Size: 36.00 MB

File Type: (Zip file)

Comments: 1

Downloads: 55

Views: 686

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Item description:

An Updated Version of olletnaS's Bloodborne Save for PS4 including lots of features! Links below how to Import and Re-Region the GameSave, along with previous versions of the save.

- Spreadsheets for Hex ID's
- UserData for Re-Regioning
- CUSA00900 (US)
- PDFs containing update notes, credits, and text tutorials

What you Need:
- PS4 Save Wizard
- Updated Version of Bloodborne with DLC
- USB Stick
- PS4 Firmware 8.00 and above

WARNING: If you plan on using this save to invade innocent players and ruin the gaming experience for them, please do NOT download this and move along. The goal here is to not ruin the community for those who don't want to mod, but still maintain enjoyment with those who want to mod. If players start using my saves for invasions, I will no longer provide any updates to this save and other games to the public.

This update includes tons of features to the mainly used character on the save such as:
- Cleaning up the Menu's of Unusable items.
- More variety of modded gems, caryll runes, armors, and weapon.
- More BloodGem slots
- Hidden Damage types
- Fixed scaling issues when joining lower level players
(More Detailed Version of what's included in this update is in the .PDF file included in the download)

Video of the Mod:
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How to Import the Mod:
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How to Re Region the save if not from the US:
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v1.0 Link:
v1.1 Link:

If you'd like to keep up on all the info with my Bloodborne GameSaves, please check out the YouTube page:
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Please do not remove any of the credits. The people mentioned in the Credit's sections have spent many hours to put this all together for you.
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.
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Please make a version that doesnt require dlcs