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Dead Space save-set

Download Name: Dead Space save-set  

Category: Xbox 360 Xbox 360 Game Saves

Submitted By: Sean

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File Size: 1.58 MB

File Type: (Rar file)

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Item description:

All these saves require you too finish off what is needed. The easiest way is to follow your waypoint which is seen by clicking down your right thumb stick.

1 - Marksman - just take 1 limb off anything. Dead people count just stomp them with RB

2 - Dead On Arrival - Finish Chapter 1 - follow waypoint to tram.

3 - Lab Rat - Finish Chapter 2 - follow waypoint to tram.
- Tool Time - Follow waypoint through room and dwon some stairs around the corner on the floor will be an enemy, just shoot him.

4 - Brawler - Follow waypoint into room and jump to the floor by aiming(LT) then pressing Y. 2 half enemies will attack you jus use RB to stomp or RT to hit.

5 - Pack Rat - From where you start turn right and you will see the store, go to it. Then go right 1 tab to Inventory select anything and 'move' it.

6 - All Systems Go - Finish Chapter 3 - follow waypoint to tram.

7 - Merchant - Follow waypoint down elevator and at the bottom on the left is a pickup with a blue dot. Pick it up.

8 - Brute Force - Go up stairs and towards otherside of the room. A 'brute' will smash through the doors. Kill it. Use stasis to slow it down by aiming
then pressing x.

9 - Surgeon - Shoot a few enemies and stomp any extra limbs off and it'll pop.

10 - Full Arsnell - Go Up the stairs and go through the door on the otherside of the room on the left. Just down the corridor is the shop.
Go to it and buy the force gun.

11 - Big Spender - Follow the waypoint, when you get to the shop buy a couple of things.
- Cannon Fodder - Finish Chapter 4 - follow the waypoint to the tram.

12 - Don't get cocky, kid - Jump on the cannon and you need to shoot the meteors coming at you. When finished you need at least 50% shield strength
remaining. This is very hard, if some can find a way around having to do this that would be great!

13 - Story Teller - Go in room with waypoint and there a log in there. Pick it up.

14 - True Believer - Finish Chapter 5 - You need to dispose of an enemy here before you can finish the chapter. Walk through the door and keep going straight
ahead until you're about half way in then turn left so you're looking through a chamber in the middle of the room. Wait for the guy to
finish talking then an enemy comes up from the floor. Aim(LT) at him and press X to slow him down when he enters the chamber, then
run(LB) around the chamber to the otherside of the room go through the door and there will be a screen you can press on. Press it. the
monster should get frozen. Continue to follow waypoint to the tram.
- Freeze - You will get this when you freeze the above enemy. Done by Aiming at them(LT) then pressing X.

15 - Armstrong - Shoot a few more objects(boxes and other things) by aiming(LT) then press B to pick up then RT to shoot it away.

16 - Exterminator - go through the doors and there will be a monster you need to kill. Shoot all the yellow balls on its tenticles then shoot into its mouth.
- Playing Catch - While Killing the above enemy, once you have shoot all the tenticles and it opens its mouth, keeping im(LT) at its mouth and it will
spit out a ball. Catch it by pressing B while in aiming mode then shoot it back by pressing RT.

17 - Greenhouse Effect - Finish Chapter 6 - follow waypoint to the tram.

18 - SOS - Finish Chapter 7 - follow waypoint to the tram.

19 - Air Alert - follow waypoint through a few doors into a zero-g room then jump 5 times. Jump by Aiming(LT) then pressing Y. Watch out for enemies!

20 - Slugger & Get off my Ship! - kill the boss by shooting the yellow balls on its tenticles. shoot anything he throws at you to try to keep you shield
strength above 50%.

21 - Strange Transmissions - Finish Chapter 8 - follow waypoint to the tram.

22 - Crackshot - Follow waypoint up elevator, down corridor. Once you go through the door go straight and the shooting gallery is on the otherside of the
room. Level 6 my take a few attempts but isn't too hard.
Butcher - Just shoot/stomp a few limbs off.

23 - Wreckage - Finish Chapter 9 - follow waypoint to the tram.

24 - Z-Baller - Go to the right and down the cargo lift, follow the left wall through a door, turn right then through door on the left. follow the rooms
through 2 doors. Press on the screen and start the game. Grab the ball by aiming(LT) and pressing B then shooting it back into the hole
by pressing RT. Not sure how to get passed it as it didnt seem to matter how much you score, just keep going and you'll get it.

25 - Keeper of the faith - Finish Chapter 10 - follow waypoint to the tram.

26 - There's always Peng! - follow the waypoint out to the docks. Kepping going out and about a third of the way up on right its in the pit. Pick it up by
aiming(LT) at it the pressing B, when its near you press A. See Included picture in the folder.

27 - Betrayed - Finish Chapter 11 - follow waypoint to the ship.

28 - Mindless Prey, Exodus (Finish Chp 12) - follow waypoint and kill the last boss. Really easy just shoot any yellow balls.
Survivor, One Gun - watch the cut scene after killing the boss and these will pop.

29 - Kickin' it - go up the ramp, DONT SHOOT THE ENEMY LET HIM JUMP ON YOU! then keep pressing A!

30 - Ragdoll check - follow the waypoint and get an enemy to go onto one of the broken floor panels. may need to try to hit the enemy into it.

31 - Maxed Out - follow waypoint through 2 doors into a room wheretaps spray across the room. Take the second door and go to the 'bench'. Select the force
gun and got to the red dot 'DMG' on the top far right. select it, commit node to circuit - yes.

ALL WEAPON ACHIEVEMENTS - Follow the waypoint and you will come across something to shoot soon enough. you will also start with the gun equiped that you need.

Pulse Rifle - follow waypoint.

Ripper - follow waypoint press on screen the a few guys appear behind you.

Flamethrower - around first corner.

Line Gun - follow way point.

Force Gun - follow waypoint.

Contact Beam - follow waypoint.
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.
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