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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Game Save

Download Name: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Game Save  

Category: Xbox 360 Xbox 360 Game Saves

Submitted By: Sean

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:: Credit to Sideshow - Xploder Forums, and Myself, for the holocrons and completion saves, and for the construction the set::

Level Saves- Load and beat the boss, or accomplish the task at hand. For prologue you can get the wookie achievements as well as the various Vader achievements during that.

Holocron- This can be used anywhere, after the all but the last level has been beat, however, I suggest using it where it is, but if you don't want to, it can be loaded up later without looking unlegit in the least.

Silver Kills- Unlocks all silver force kill achievements,(except aerial ambush, use gold for that) just get one more. (However, it unlocks both force lightening ones at the same time, so use the level saves to spend a short amount of time getting force lightening kills. 100 should take 10 minutes, PRESS Y to use force lightening)

Silver Kill save can be used for most miscellaneous achievements as well (so can gold and the others) Such as Rancor, AT ST, Droids, etc. There is a guide just for the silver guide.

Gold Kills- Load up after the silver kills are all done, be sure to leave a solid amount of time between them. Also make sure the levels are done first, because you don't unlock some powers until later in the game.

Sith Lord- Complete to Unlock Sith Lord Completed.

Sith Master- Complete to unlock Sith Master completed. (Recursive)

#7 EASY WAY OUT- This is a hacked save that makes you invincible for the final boss. If you are having trouble beating the Sith Master save, use this one to unlock it. (It unlocks Lord & Master)

**** Remember you can't have Sith Master before you have beat the game at least once. So use at least on other complete the game save first.
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Related Forum: Xbox Forum

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