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Overlord 2 - Save Set Modded Max Horde

Download Name: Overlord 2 - Save Set Modded Max Horde  

Category: Xbox 360 Xbox 360 Game Saves

Submitted By: Sean

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File Size: 1.13 MB

File Type: (Rar file)

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Item description:

this my the 2nd save i made, strongly suggest complete the game once so that the achievements will look legit.

credict to keyring1990 from xplorer forum to mod the save so can have at lot of gold and can summon over 200 minions at begining...

this save is 100% working tested by my other profile...

pls resign the save 1st then rehash it, coz the file is over 5mb to avoid corrupt loading, after that transfer to the hdd or mu.

to using the save after the game load and at the game menu, choose load game, dont choose continue coz the game auto save will always conflict the save. this is important.

after load from the save, u can see there is a lot of save file inside, like save 1, 2, 3, and so on. so, at the below guide, i will point up which save will be load to get the achievements u want.


1: Slaver

load save 2, playtimes 12:38, at the game, open throne interface, choose regions, and choose go to norberg town gate 2, after arrive, not need to summon any minions, just go all the way left, pass the 1st gate then there will 2 ways split, left and right, go right but dont go down the stair, go foward until u hit the 2nd gate, when standing infront the 2nd gate, u can see there is a house and the door still shut, mean there is a villager inside it, go for it and smash open the door, a villager run out, chase for him and use target spell to enslave him, the achievement will pop.

2: new world order

load save 3, playtimes 14:43, teleport to everlight town gate 3, upon arrive go right, up the stair, turn right and pass the door, go down the hill, go to the 1st left, go down the bamboo bridge, then go foward and up a bamboo stair again, go left, and start to search the only last 1 villager that mostly walking around everywhere here. the different with him and the other already enslave is there is not blue shinning lighting on his head, easy to spot, just search around at this platform. after finding him, use target spell to enslave him then achievement pop...

(section 3 - 6, will use the same save and can get them in same place, no need to teleport somewhere or quit to reload the save)

3:Tyrant of the Tower

load save 4, playtimes 15:05, go to the forge room, upgrade the lv 4 blue for the tower, achievement pop...

4:Weapons Nut

continue from 3, this time forge weapon, forge the chepest weapon " the mad batter", achievement pop.

5:Blue Steel Look

continue from 4, still forge stuff, forge " elemental armor" achievement pop.

6:Kitted Out

continue from 5, forge " the infernal commander ", achievement will pop.

7:The Dominator + Corruptor of the Queen

load save 4, playtimes 15:05, open ur throne and choose revive the tower heart mission, after arriving, summon the minions of ur choice, and playthrought the story until the last part after drainning the queen fay to recharge the tower heart, she will turning to dark fay, just dont do anything, wait for her to walk to the tower, after that the achievements will pop. then after the cutscence, back at the netherworld another achievement will pop. i dont write the guide how to deal with the enemy for this coz i believe there is a lot of faq at the net u can find, beside it is easy.

8:Kelda's Special Friend

load save 1, playtimes 15:19, go up the stair behind the throne and to ur private quarters, go foward and go to the 1st left, then go left go down the tiny narrow passage to the room where u can choose who become ur 1st mistress. choose kelda then go back to the room where u customize dark tower, buy all the item but dont buy overlord banner, then quit. a cutscense will play, then achievement pop...

9:Juno's Special Friend

continue from 8, go back where u choose 1st mistress, this time choose juno. go back to buy everything and only dont buy overlord banner. quit, cutscense play, boom, achievement pop...

10:Dark Fay's Special Friend

still same as 8, but choose dark fay and buy everything but not overlord banner, after the cutscense the achievement will pop.

11:Ladies' Man

same save as 8,
choose kelda as 1st mistress and go back to buy kelda bed, kelda fur throne and overlord banner, then choose juno as 1st mistress go back to buy juno rugs & curtains, juno spider rider statues. this time choose dark fay as 1st mistress and buy fay dragon alcoves, fay candles. then complete. after the cutscense, the achievement will pop...

12:Town Razer

load save 6, playtimes 09:32, choose control nordberg town quest, teleport using town gate 2, when arrrive, bring few minions and follow the left part, when u pass the 1st gate, then there is split road to left and right, go right and foward but dont go down the stair, go foward to the 2nd gate infront, standing near the gate, u will see the only house not in burn, knock down its door and kill the last villager, the achievement will pop.

13:Ghost Bringer

load save 7, playtimes 11:42, choose revive the tower heart quest, upon arrive gather ur minions and follow the storylines quest, after u charge up the queen fay the last time, and after the cutscense, quicly target dark fay and hold down the magic button until she die, there will be another cutscense and willl be back at netherworld, the achievement pop.

14:Ghost Fay's Special Friend

load save 5, playtimes 12:02, go up to ur private quarters, go to the room where u buy customize for ur mistress, buy everything, just dont buy overlord banner, after this the achievement will pop.

15:Walking Apocalypse
The Destructor

load save 8, playtimes 12:02, choose control everlight town quest, when arrive gather few minions, go down the stair, and to the 1st gate, then go right, foward, up the right stair, up 2 more step of stairs and turn right, up another three more stairs, then turn right pass the steel gate and down the hill, turn at 1st left and down the bamboo bridge, up another bamboo stair and go left, u will encounter the last villager, if not yet just go foward by this area, will find him soon, just kill him and the 2 achievements will pop.

hope, u enjoy this save, this saveset took me a lot of times for doing, if u have any problem for the achievement to pop, pls reply back at the forum, i will answer them as i can...

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