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Download Name: [US] RESIDENT EVIL 6 - 95% PLATINUM SAVE  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: andr3darkside

Submitted By: claudiocuti

Date Added:

Version: CUSA03856

File Size: 1.33 MB

File Type: (Zip file)

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Item description:

this save contains several trophies, the most difficult and time-consuming in the main game.
the game is saved in chapter 5-3 of ADA with the remaining chapters of all characters already finished on PROFESSIONAL difficulty.
start your game, select the ADA on PROFESSIONAL difficulty in CAP 5-3 !
Where you start with 78 of the 80 emblems of the snake, see on youtube the location of the last 02 emblems and you will win the HEIRLOOMS trophy
following CAP 5-4 the final fight with boss SIMMONS is easy and fast, ending this chapter, the game will end and you will receive 5 trophies in a row:

GREEN AROUND THE EARS - Finish the game in Inexperienced
NORMAL IS GOOD - End the game on Normal
BACK IN MY DAY - Finish the game on Veteran
LEAVE IT TO THE PRO - Finish the game in Pro
WHAT'S NEXT? - finish chapter 5 of Ada

other trophies need specific actions!

J'AVO GENOCIDE - just kill 1 javo
ZOMBIE MASSACRE - just kill 1 zombie
B.O.W ARE UGLY - just kill 1 enemy that leaves the cocoon with the ADA
HIGH VOLTAGE - just kill 1 javo with the baton charged (R2)
STUNTMAN - just kill 1 zombie with HELEN and using HYDRA
GIVE A LITTLE PUSH - Knock 1 enemy off the bridge (LEON CAP 2-6)
LIFESAVER - save only 1 companion (LEON CAP 2-6)
FINISH WHAT YOUR START - defeat 1 enemy by shooting in the leg and finishing by pressing R2
SILENT KILLER - kill 1 zombie using R2 from behind
CHECK OUT MY DOGS and HOLDER ARCHIEVEMENT - just choose 1 nameplate
WEAPONS MASTER - kill 1 enemy
COVERED IN BRASS - finish any chapter as you only need 1 medal

* I'm not sure if I'll win these trophies
RISING UP - choose a level 4 title
THEY'RE ACTION FIGURES! - win 1 doll, check in ''collections''

DLC Predador is 100% - just perform 1 action for each trophy that should drop
Survivor DLC is at 83% - just perform 1 action for each trophy that should already drop.
the trophy to kill 100 agents is missing, it currently has 24 deaths, with 76 to go!
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.
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