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[EU] Terraria 1.3 | PS4 | Save file | Endgame

Download Name: [EU] Terraria 1.3 | PS4 | Save file | Endgame  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: Craig Leslie

Submitted By: CraigLeslie

Date Added:

Version: 1.21

File Size: 17.01 MB

File Type: (Zip file)

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Item description:

I have created a small world, like others i have been searching for a save file that has a lot of the items. I didnt find much but one, so i finished the game and spent another 60 hours getting the rarer items.

Here is the world and rooms, what they contain.

Room 1:Fishing Crates.

It doesnt contain all of them. But..

88 wooden crates.
90 golden crates.
99 sky crates
99 jungle crates
90 corrupt crates
99 Hallow crates

Room 2: Fishing

200 Master Bait
Golden fishing rod

A few items and accessories.

Room 3: Eternia defender

1050 Defender medals (I know, a bit excessive).
83 Eternia Crystals
Eternia crystal stand.

Room 4: Keys of Night/Light

63 keys of night
39 keys of light

Room 5: Boss Summoning

18 slime crowns
3 suspicious looking eyes + 199 lens for creating more.
46 Abeeminations
5 guide voodoo dolls
50 mechanical worms
57 mechanical skulls
12 mechanical eyes
The clothier voodoo doll
Lihzahrd Alter with 99 power cells.
199 tattered clothes
72 solar tablets

Room 6: Heart and mana

99 life crystals
78 life fruit
33 mana crystals

Room 7: Seasonal

400 goodie bags (Halloween)
512 presents (xmas)

Room 8: Room for "im smelting" trophy.

Contains everything you need to complete this trophy. Just place everything you smelt in the chests. (If it didnt pop, upload to the cloud, and download it, just the level save, and continue it, progress is saved to the character).

Room 9: "Knight in shining armour" trophy. Collectables

This will contain 4 chests with all the armors. Endgame armors in another room, no vanity sets here. I will do one once 1.4 is out on PS4/PS5.

Room 10: The pets. I have everyone minus one... the snowman pet from the snow biome, tried for so many hours and haven't been able to get it from the mimic. I have everything else in these chests.

(if anyone has it, can you please upload a save, it would be appreciated, i can reupload the file for a more complete set for everyone as well).

Room 12: Essentials

This includes cellphone, 99 of almost every bar, 2000 platinum coins, heart lanterns etc.

Room 13: The final weapons..

top row is for 1.3 Terra blade. All the weapons needed to make it and the terra blade itself.

lower row is what you need to immediately make the Zenith once 1.4 comes out. Just remember to save this into your cloud so it isn't lost. (At least im hoping the save will be compatible).

Room 15: Endgame

Contains the Ancient manipulator, 1825 luminite bars, 1200 luminite.
A few hundred of each of the Souls of.... item.
999 of each of the four fragments. Lunar etc.
All the final armors.

Finally, all of the endgame weapons... from Moonlord, from normal to expert mode.

This save will be helpful for anyone looking for a great start before 1.4 comes out, that is looking to have the Zenith ready on launch. Or has struggled with a few collectables. My character is also included, maxed out for defense. Enjoy. I will update this if i manage to get the final pet. Its all i need for platinum.
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