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[US] Days Gone - complete save-set including DLC [CUSA08966]

Download Name: [US] Days Gone - complete save-set including DLC [CUSA08966]  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: blurrz

Submitted By: Sean

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Version: CUSA08966

File Size: 182.14 MB

File Type: (Zip file)

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Item description:

This thread contains a complete save set for Days Gone (US). With these saves, you can get all base game trophies except for Burnout Apocalypse, which has to be done on your own. But, I've provided a great location to do it.

This walkthrough is listed in the order you should get them to avoid random trophies popping out of order. If you want to use a save out of order to get easy/miscellaneous trophies faster, do so at your own risk.

Base Game

1. Finders Keepers - Play the mission. Trophy pops after the cutscene.
2. Just a Flesh Wound - Complete the mission. Trophy pops after the cutscene.
3. Don't Stop Me Now - Use the skill point (press Touchpad to get to Menu).
4. Better Living through Chemistry - Follow the waypoint into the NERO trailer. Interact and choose an upgrade.
5. The Ends and the Means - Play the mission. Trophy pops after the cutscene.
6. Special Delivery & 7. First Time Buyer - Interact with Copeland for Special Delivery, then buy a bike upgrade at the Mechanic after the cutscene ends for First Time Buyer.
8. D.I.Y. Oregonian - Craft three more items. Just throw the Molotovs and then craft three.
9. Kitchen Courier - Trade in a piece of meat in front of you.
10. Lost and Found - Play mission. Trophy pops during the cutscene.
11. This is a Knife - Play mission until the Breaker. Lower Breaker's health to almost nothing with either sniper headshots (3-4) or rounds of the MG. My starting special weapon is the Crossbow so you'll have to pick up the sniper or MG from enemies. Then finish with the knife, about 5-6 swings will do it. Alternatively, you can acquire a Tier 5 Melee upgrade called Executioner (either using Save Wizard to get the skill points or by using one of my later saves) and use one of my later saves, which will have Breakers, Reachers, and Ragers in Free Roam. It must be a stealth kill to count in Free Roam.
12. Brothers in Arm - Go to waypoint. Trophy pops during the cutscene.
13. The Art of Bike Repair - Repair bike in front of you using Circle.
14. Old Reliable - You only have a few left to kill and the save starts you in combat with a couple of humans, which should be enough for the trophy. If not, just run around and get a few more. I forgot to write down exact number you need. Alternatively, load a later save and this should auto-pop. But be aware that loading a later save may auto-pop unintended trophies, so do so at your own risk.
15. I'm Out of Control - Spend 2 more skill points.
16. Surviving Isn't Living - Climb the tower and save Rose.
17. Welcome to the Party, Pal - Go into the NERO trailer and use the injector.
18. You've Got Red on You - Load the save and the trophy pops on the loading screen.
19. Make it Rain - Buy Forks I (Performance-->Forks) at the Mechanic shop.
20. Ghost of Farewell & 21. Take Back Your Name - Ghost of Farewell pops during the loading screen. Once you're in the game, make your way back to your bike for Take Back Your Name. Get on one of the Ripper's motorcycles to save time.
22. Wannabe Fortune Hunter - Collectible is in front of you (tree marker).
23. Go Kick Rocks - Cairn is 50 feet in front of you across the creek.
24. Performance Enhanced - Injector is in front of you. Upgrade Focus.
25. Riding NOMAD - Trophy pops after short cutscene.
26. Hold on Tight - Play mission/skip cutscenes (10 in total, some of which are optional dialogue which can be skipped). Skip that like you would a cutcene, by holding the Touchpad.
27. It's Getting Cold Outside - Finish the mission (mostly skippable cutscenes).
28. There's No Stopping Me - Spend 1 skill point.
29. The Broken Roadshow - Collectible is right next to you (Taylor - Delivery Boy).
30. Lend Me Your Ears - Save puts you in front of a Screamer. Let it scream and kill the bunch that come after you, or drive to the parking lot nearby and there will be some Freakers to kill. Alternatively, load a later save and it should pop on the loading screen. But be aware that loading a later save may auto-pop unintended trophies, so do so at your own risk.
31. Ambush Camp Hunter - Go down the hatch in front of you and look at the map.
32. Infestation Exterminator - Trophy pops on the loading screen.
33. World's End - Go into the NERO trailer next to you and use the injector.
34. One Down - Play the mission. Best strategy is to hide in a bush and use Attractors/Attractor bombs, then grenades, pipe bombs and molotovs to kill them. Apparently you can also die too much and the game will let you skip the mission but still award the trophy, but I tested this by purposely dying 10 times on Normal, and I never got a prompt to skip it. So either I didn't die enough, they patched this out, or it only applies on Easy.
35. Variety is the Spice of Life & 36. Marauder Camp Hunter - Marauder Camp is your objective and it's right in front of you. Kill 1 enemy with a Poison Bolt for Variety is the Spice of Life, then complete it for Marauder Camp Hunter.
37. Best Friends Forever - Turn in all bounties in front of you.
38. Farewell Original - Buy a paint color at the Mechanic. You can get this trophy with almost any save aside from the ones in the beginning if you want to save time.
39. Morior Invictus - Play the mission. Trophy pops after the cutscenes.
40. Farewell Drift - Drift for 10 more seconds.
41. Best Friends Forever (For Life) - Sell all of the animal skins to the Kitchen in front of you.
42. Mr. Fahrenheit - Spend 2 skill points on the last two skills: Rock On and Switch It Up, both under Melee.
43. Burnout Apocalypse - You must get this trophy yourself. I've provided a save that starts you in an ideal location. This trophy is not as hard as it seems, it's just finicky. You need to have the joystick at about 11 or 1 o'clock, then you touch Circle while holding R2 slightly but not all the way as you don't want to be going too fast, then once you see the bike drifting, hold X until the nitro runs out. You should be drifting in a wide circle--not a donut, and not a straight line where you gain speed. The save drops you in an ideal spot because if you do the trick right, you'll drift around the statue. That's how wide the circle needs to be.
44. I've Been Waiting for This & 45. Days Done - Finish the mission. Days Done pops after the credits, which can be skipped about halfway through by holding Circle. The prompt to do this appears very faintly on the bottom-right of the screen.
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