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[US] Ghost of Tsushima complete save set including New Game+

Download Name: [US] Ghost of Tsushima complete save set including New Game+ [CUSA11456]  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: blurrz

Submitted By: Sean

Date Added:

Version: CUSA11456

File Size: 109.52 MB

File Type: (Zip file)

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Item description:

Important Notes

1. To avoid issues, please do these trophies offline.
2. While testing I noticed that some trophies take a little longer to pop (#24, #27, and #33, for example) while offline. Be patient--everything works.


1. Gathering Storm - Choose your horse.
2. Point of No Return - Trophy pops after a couple of cutscenes.
3. Lost and Found - Walk forward and collect the Sword Kit.
4. Open for Business - Go into the camp ahead and stagger 3-5 more shield enemies. If the trophy doesn't pop after 3-5 then keep staggering them, but it will pop eventually. Basically the entire camp has shields so it won't take that long.
5. Stoking the Flame - Finish the mission (ride up to the ridge). The trophy pops after the cutscenes.
6. Company of Wolves - Jump off the boat. The trophy pops after the cutscene.
7. Have a Nice Fall - Sneak around to the Mongols on the cliff on the opposite side of where you spawn, run up and hold triangle to kick him off (make sure you're using Wind Stance).
Video if you need it: here
8. A Charming Man - Go into the menu and equip any Charm in the last slot.
9. Flash of Steel - You only need 1 more Perfect Parry kill. Go forward to start the mission and you'll be ambushed by 3 low-level enemies coming out of the house on the right.
10. Every Trick in the Book - Ignite the lighthouse fire in front of you and then buy the last skill.
11. Family Reunion - Trophy pops after the cutscene.
12. Hero of the People - Rescue the last hostage (northwest from spawn). Very easy fight--use Triangle+Circle and Kunai to beat it in about 15 seconds. Trophy pops after the cutscene.
13. Slay - Pick up the armor in front of you.
14. Gifted - Pick up the gift in front of you.
15. Quick Study - Kill the leader by the powder cache (Kishibe Village). He's across the river, standing in front of the powder cache. To get to him quickly, squeeze through the hole in front of you, go onto the bridge, grapple onto the beam near the other side of the river, jump down and he'll be a bit ahead on the right. I used Triangle+Circle once, and then L1+R1 to beat him in a few seconds. L1+R1 might do it alone though.
Video if you need it: here
16. Witness Protection - Shoot the dart, then switch to the bow as soon as you can and hit one of the people running off. If you miss just reload the save and it spawns you in the same place.
17. Birthright - Speak to Yuriko; the trophy pops after the cutscene.
18. Avid Reader - Pick up the record in front of you.
19. All in the Wrist - Ride straight ahead and you'll come to a Standoff. Get 5 in a row for the trophy. Restart encounter if you fail at any point.
**EDIT*: A patch has changed the requirements for the Sakai Clan armor, and my save no longer has the armor fully upgraded. You'll need to use save #15 (Quick Study) and when you spawn in, Fast Travel to a camp to upgrade the Sakai Clan Armor, then fast travel back to the spawn location to complete the Standoff. If you fail or take damage on the bridge on that save, you can reload the checkpoint and you're still close to the bridge. Credit to sandino108 for this discovery.
20. Monochrome Masters - Buy an item from the merchant.
21. Den of Thieves - Turn around from the bamboo shrine and go about 200 feet up the small hill and you'll unlock it once "Umugi Cove" appears.
22. Good Riddance - Grab the last banner in the Fort (Imai) in front of you. It's in the East section; the Traveler's Armor is equipped so your controller will vibrate when you're near it. Combine that with X-ray vision to find it (white flag).
23. Leader of the People - Trophy pops after the cutscenes.
24. Know Your Enemy - Pick up the artifact on the table in the tent in front of you.
25. Haunting Precision - Go forward, initiate the Standoff, but instead of holding Triangle, press L3+R3 and kill 3 enemies.
26. A Fight For The Isle & 27. The Perfect Storm - Liberate the last area (Beachside Camp) for A Fight For the Isle. Go towards the white smoke to find it. Then Fast Travel to a camp and upgrade the sword for The Perfect Storm.
28. The Headstrong Thief - Trophy pops after the cutscene.
29. Dying Embers & 30. Dirge of the Fallen Forge - Dying Embers pops after the cutscene. Then, go to the Menu --> Gear --> Accessories --> Equip 'Lament of the Storm' and swipe left on the Touchpad for Dirge of the Fallen Forge.
31. Securing Sanctuary.... & 32. The Ghost - Both trophies pop during the cutscenes.
33. Honor the Unseen - Bow at the sign in front of you (down on Touchpad). Trophy takes a second to pop.
34. Teller of Tales - Speak to Yamato.
35. Mass Eviction - Clear the camp in front of you. Unfortunately the game wouldn't let me save my progress as I killed them like it did for Hero of the People, so you'll have to clear the entire camp. But you're at full powwer and it's not hard.
36. The Exiled Alliance & 37. The Ghost of Legend - Trophies pop after the cutscenes.
38. The Vengeful Warrior - Trophy pops after the cutscene.
39. The Warrior Monk - Trophy pops after the cutscene.
40. Favor of the Kami - Finish the shrine--go around to the left and up the stairs.
41. Cooper Clan Cosplayer - Go to the Menu --> Gear --> Change the Sword Kit to Sly Tanuki.
42. Helping Sword Hand & 43. The Unbending Archer - Trophies pop after the cutscene.
44. Light the Way - You spawn just in front of the torch you need to light.
45. Sovereign End, 46. A New Safe Haven & 47. Master Liberator - Trophies pop after the cutscene.
48. A Moment in Time - Use any save up to #47 and make a change in Photo Mode.
49. Body, Mind, and Spirit, 50. There Can Be Only One & 51. Mono No Aware - Finish the game. You're at full power so one round of Ghost Stance (L3+R3) plus 3 Heavenly Strikes (L1+R1) will end it.
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.
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