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[EU] GreedFall Platinum save-set [CUSA14208]

Download Name: [EU] GreedFall Platinum save-set [CUSA14208]  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: KingCheat

Submitted By: Sean

Date Added:

Version: CUSA14208

File Size: 141.76 MB

File Type: (Rar file)

Comments: 0

Downloads: 31

Views: 437

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Item description:

The wrecker - Load save, Kill gaint monster in cave ahead of you. it's simple, you have max stats Awesome face

Love and the sea - Load save> go upstairs>"Accept">First Option something about loving him :P

Full Pockets - Load the save loot the container in front of you.

Betrayal in blood - Load save continue with story trophy should pop.

Carants - Load save> continue with story, you will get a dialog option, I am not sure if you can choose any option, but I choose the first one dialog option.

Cat Burglar + Worth Of Legends Load save, Pick lock infront of you and loot it, for both trophies.

Master Of The Woods - Load save and Kill giant beast.

Swamp Creature - Load>continue Mission>Kill Beast

King of the peaks + Arena Excellence - Load save>Kill Beast both tropies should POP!

Shadow Blade - You just need too stealth poeple with "X" while you're crouched with "R3" may take a couple of people, luckily there is some easy Stealth take downs in the area XD

Hunting With Hounds - Note There is 3 saves with this one, I am not sure if anyone will pop the trophy. Test needed. all 3 save are right behind a deer. just kill it. hope for the best. Edit: Thanks to user sajman777 he has tested and says the trophy pops with save file 009 thank you! Claps

The Prince's secrets + Coercive diplomacy - load the save walk through door- Trophy "The Prince's secrets" should pop Also continue with the save kills as man humans in the building will grant you "Coercive diplomacy"

Betrayal In Blood - Load save, Continue with story

Thélème's chosen + In the name of the Enlightened - Load save enter room, Kill the baddies "Thélème's chosen" should pop> then exit room You will get a cutscene "In the name of the Enlightened " should pop.

Melee virtuoso + A preserved Alliance - All you have to do is continue with the story, Make sure you use the Square button to kill everyone with your sword for the 500 Hit with your sword trophy.

Missed Coup - Load save> Go through door> Beat up bad guy>Cutscene>trophy should pop jb da bes

GreedFall - Serve to convince - All you have to do is climb wall> loot body> listen to conversation>Trophy

Guardian of love - Go upstairs>accepts> First option.

Musketeer - Load>Go upstairs and kill everyone with your Gun (Down On D-Pad)

Friendship above all -

The monsters' nightmare - Load And kill the beast! Gobble

Minundhanem - Go upstairs and accept Siora

Waterpoof- Load> Finish mission

Deceitful - Load up and use your traps on the beast in front of you.

In search of perfection + On the path to power + Full of talent +All sails set! - Just load up and use your skills, For All sails set! just continue story Thanks too sajman777

Outside the stone prison - Story mission, just keep playing, it's easy Awesome face

Influence game - Just load save, choose a King

En on míl frichtimen - Story Mission

Favoured with the Bridge Alliance - Load Save>give Potion

Explorer - Load> Talk to man in front of you about camps

Something is rotten - Load>Climb ledge> Kill Beast

All for one, one for all! - Load > Continue story quest

War mage - Load save>Kill mosters by spamming "Square" magic

Poisoning artist - all you have to do is go up the hill, Throw bottles of poison(Right on the D-Pad) at the beasts.

A better World + A passion for the Extreme - Load> Kill> 1st dialog option.

Love and botany - Go up stairs and have some "Coffee" Kryptus

The Legends of the Plains + Another Sip - Load> Kill beast> Start Drinking Potions. Thanks too sajman777

Island for sale - Load>Kill Boss> First option(Trophy was delayed for me)

A big step towards peace - Load>Kill Boss> First option

Curiosity cabinet - Collect the three ingredients in front of you. Note massive thanks to user sajman777 for testing Claps
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