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[EU] Resident Evil 7 Game Save - That's a Spicy Meat-a-bal

Download Name: [EU] Resident Evil 7 Game Save - That's a Spicy Meat-a-bal  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: Meracle

Submitted By: Sean

Date Added:

Version: CUSA03842

File Size: 24.15 MB

File Type: (Zip file)

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Downloads: 12

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Item description:

That's a Spicy Meat-a-ball - Kill an enemy by attaching a Remote Bomb to them and detonating it.
[[This one can be tricky since you can't just throw bombs for the trophy.]]

Leave and room and enter the elevator just a little forward, then ride it down to S2.
Run to the enemy around the corner and maintain some distance from it.
You need it to use it's charging grab attack on you. When it does, you'll be pushed to the ground and will have an [R2] option to shove a bomb into it's mouth. (Must have bomb equipped [Left])


Pelicans in Your Pocket - Obtain all of the Antique Coins in Easy or Normal difficulty.

From the same location of the last trophy, carry on through the corridors and past No. 1 Engine Room.
Eventually you'll go down a few stairs with a white metal box infront of you.
The final coin is inside that white metal box.


Into the Depths - Escape from the ship.

Again, from the last trophy, turn right and then right again through a door. There will be a long cutscene and then you'll be playing as Evan again. As Evan, carry on through the only route available and you''ll soon drop out of the ship, popping the trophy.


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