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[Multi-Region] Immortals Fenyx Rising Platinum Save Set [EU/US]

Download Name: [Multi-Region] Immortals Fenyx Rising Platinum Save Set [EU/US] [CUSA16345]  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: ebo7na

Submitted By: Sean

Date Added:

Version: CUSA16345

File Size: 73.28 MB

File Type: (Zip file)

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Downloads: 49

Views: 552

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Item description:

This is 2 sets to get every single Trophy for the Platinum, No DLC or Any In game purchases and the game is Region Free.
Just re-sign the save you need (compress into ZIP if needed), I got the platinum for both PS4 and PS5 with these Saves.
One last thing, The "AutoSave01" will be overwritten if you ignore it and it's really helpful cause it skips a 48 minuets Puzzle.
Set 1
Mission Complete: Defeat Typhon.
Save 1:
Your Own Medicine: Reflect A Projectile From The Enemy's Around "Odysseus's Struggle" Vault.
Save 2:
Projectile Pro: Defeat A Flying Enemy With Any Thrown Objects.
Among The Stars: Complete The Puzzle.
Toot Or Boot?: Equip The Helmet.
Don't Shoot The Messenger: Talk To Hermes On The Roof.
Save 3:
Weapon Master: Fully Upgrade A Weapon At The Forge.
Armed And Dangerous: Fully Upgrade Everything At The Forge.
Toil And Trouble: Craft A Potion.
Potion Professional: Fully Upgrade The Potion Tree.
Beauty's In The Eye: Change Your Appearance.
Show Your Moves: Fully Upgrade The Skill's Tree.
Fully Charged: Fully Upgrade Your Stamina.
To Good Health: Fully Upgrade Your Health.
Photobomb: Take A Photo.
Join The Creed: Perform 2 Stealth Attacks.
One Chore Down: Do A Task From The Board.
Save 4:
Sassy, Lost Child: Fast Travel To The Archives And Go All The Way Up The Stairs.
Save 5:
The Giving Tree: Go To "From Pain Comes Beauty" Starting Point.
Save 6:
Logs And Monsters: Chop Down 6 Trees.
Save 7:
From The Ashes: Go To The Objective.
Save 8:
Goddess Of Love: Go To The Objective.
Not Too Close To The Sun: Change Your Wings.
Powered Up: Buy The Last 3 Skills For The Bird.
Save 9:
Moonlight Treasure: Open The Chest.
Goddess Of Wisdom: Teleport To Hall Of Gods And Speak To Athena.
Save 10:
Big Chicken: Speak To The Roster.
Save 11:
Wraithless In Battle: Complete The Easy Wraith Lair1. (Yellow Pinpoint)
God Of War: Fast Travel To Hall Of Gods And Speak To Ares.
Save 12:
The Iron Giant: Go To The Objective.
Save 13:
God Of The Forge: Speak To The Iron Giant.
Messenger Of The Gods: Speak To Hermes.
Save 14:
Oceancookie: Fast Travel To "Gaia's Soul" And In The Lake, Tame The Epic Horse.
Save 15:
Brother Battle: Fast Travel To "Shrime Of Th Fates" And Go to The Objective And Defeat Ligyro.
Save 16:
Bird's-Eye View: Go to The Volcano In The Middle Of The Map And All The Way To The Top Scout The Point.
Save 17:
Tippy-Top: Fast Travel To "Zeus's Throne" And Climb the Golden Bird Statue Up Above.
The Floor Is Lava: Glide Down from The Statue for Over 1000m In Any Direction.
Save 18:
Who's the Boss? Fight the Last Mythical Boss on The Rooftop (Yellow Pinpoint)
Look, No Hands! Kill an Enemy with A Trap in A Vault (I Used "Dolos's Stage Of Trickery" Vault)
Save 19:
Shard Miner: Destroy the Blue Shard.
Save 20:
Down in Flames: Fast Travel To "Athena's Sanctuary", Go To The Objective And Complete The Short Vault.
Set 2:
Point of No Return Save:
C-C-C-Combo \ It's A Bird: Enter the Volcano and Do 25 Hits in Air and Continue the Combo To +84 Hits.
Wings, Skins and All Tasks Save:
Wing Nut: Fast Travel To "Daidalos's Workshop" And You Will Get the Last Wing After the Cutscene.
Ornithology: Fast Travel To "Hall of Gods" And Take the Skin Reward from The Board.
More Than Twelve Labours: Load Save 2 And Go to The Board.
All Horses Save:
Fenyx The Horseman: Tame the Horse on The Pinpoint.
All Wraiths, Sidequests and 25 Vaults:
Last Hero Standing: Do the Last Wraith Lair In "War's Den".
Hade's New Neighbor: Fully Loot 2 Vaults.
Servant to The Gods: Fast Travel to Hall Of Gods And Speak To Ares Then To "Legendary Or Bust" Objective.
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.
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