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[US] Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep - Platinum Save (6.20) [CUSA05933]

Download Name: [US] Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep - Platinum Save (6.20) [CUSA05933]  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: mysticzangetsu

Submitted By: Sean

Date Added:

Version: CUSA05933

File Size: 4.05 MB

File Type: (Zip file)

Comments: 1

Downloads: 23

Views: 309

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Item description:

Complete Terra then Ven without creating save Data for Final Chapter then Complete with Aqua and create Final Chapter, complete Final Chapter and Create Secret Chapter, comlete Secret Chapter and collect all treasures should unlock this group
Critical Competitor
The Adventurer: Terra
The Vessel
The Adventurer: Ventus
The Dormant
The Adventurer: Aqua
The Seeker
Connected Hearts
Complete the final episode.
The Lost Chapter
Complete the secret episode.
May have to go into the Trinity Archives in the main menu for Profiler to Pop, may also Pop Collector
Collector (Needs Testing)

Complete The Bottom Four of this list will unlock all of the Arena Trophies
Pawn of the Arena
Knight of the Arena
Queen of the Arena
King of the Arena
Keepers of the Arena
Win the Keepers of the Arena battle in the Mirage Arena.
Villains' Vendetta
Win the Villains' Vendetta battle in the Mirage Arena.
Light's Will
Defeat Armor of Eraqus.
Darkness's Will
Defeat No Heart.

A Mere Shell
Defeat the Vanitas Remnant. (Keyblade Graveyard Badlands)
Time's Teller
Defeat the Unknown. (Land of Departure)
Perfect Shot
Use Shotlock with Aqua till it Pops shouldn't take long
Justice & Dark
Use the Pete D-Link with Aqua should make it pop
Use the Rhythm Mixer Command Style with Aqua till it Pops theres an Icecream that makes it go faster.
Unleash Break Time with Terra.
Unleash Break Time with Ventus.
Unleash Break Time with Aqua.
Talk to the Red Duckling in Disney Town.
Command Board Conqueror
Win any playable Command Board.
Obtain a Fantastic rating for It's a Small World song in Ice Cream Beat Master Mode.
Rapid Racer
Finish first in the first Rumble Racing course.
Beat an opponent in Fruitball.
The Warrior: Terra
Learn all of Terra's Finish Commands.
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.
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I tried to use save wizard and it said it's invalid, what can I do to solve the problem?