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[US] Red Dead Redemption 2 Save - Gold Rush, Best in the West,

Download Name: [US] Red Dead Redemption 2 Save - Gold Rush, Best in the West, Zoologist  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Submitted By: Sean

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Gold Rush, Best in the West, Zoologist & Skin Deep [HARD TROPHIES] US

6 - 1: Best in the West: Easiest method is to go to Trapper in Saint Denis, located here:
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6 - 2: Zoologist & Skin Deep: You can earn both of us simultaneously upon load of the "Best in the West" save. If they do not pop immediately, you can go to "Progress > Compendium > Animals", the two should pop there on that menu screen. Alternatively, which is the legit way for normal timestamps, you need to study and skin is Florida Panther. The location has been marked on the map.
If it isn't a Florida Panther, but a normal panther or just a stranger near by, go back to the campsite and sleep.
Florida Panther might appear during night time at a high rate. It doesn't matter if you die. The animal will be the same one when the game is reloaded.

A little tip for those who find it difficult to study this animal:
Block your scent before you set out. When you nearly approach the mark, get off your horse, press L3 to crouch and move slowly.
Use Eagle Eye to find where it is and keep a distance. Study it with the telescope, then kill it using Dead Eye and skin it.

Thanks to Purgatory's tip:
You can also set bait for the panther, that way you can safely study it without worrying about it attacking you, and then kill it.
it'll spawn as "Big Cat".

6 - 3: Gold Rush: Easiest method, is go to "Progress > Campaign > Chapter 6 > Archeology for Beginners". Replay this mission & do the two tasks. They are "Recover the relics within a 1 minute 30 seconds." & "Recover the relics without being detected.", once complete the game will reload back to the last save & will show the Mission Completed Medal along with the trophy.
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.
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