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[US] Dead Rising 1 Save - Stunt Rider + Peace Keeper [CUSA04513]

Download Name: [US] Dead Rising 1 Save - Stunt Rider + Peace Keeper [CUSA04513]  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Submitted By: Sean

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Version: CUSA04513

File Size: 16.79 MB

File Type: (Zip file)

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Item description:

Start Game > Continue

You will again be spawned in the restroom.... leave the rest room area, leave the restroom, turn right then left, follow the narrow hallway to exit the area. At the end of the narrow hallway make a right and walk all the way down until you see "Seon's Food and Stuff" on the right. There will be a motorcycle there, get on it.

So for this trophy when you're on the motorcyclehead back towards the washroom and you'll see a ramp on the right. Ignore it..... a little further you will see another ramp, go off that one and after a successful landing you'll gain more speed to go off the second and final ramp directly in front of you. Once you land that, the "Stunt Rider" Trophy will pop.

Once that is done, keep heading in the direction you were going and on the left you will see a decently sized red sign that reads Find "Huntin' Shack" Inside. Go in that narrow area where the white arrow is pointing and go all the way down to find....well.... the Huntin' Shack lol Go in and skip the cutscene if you want. Make sure the megaman buster is equipped, line yourself up with the psycho and spam "Square" until he's dead. Once you've defeated him you will get the "Peace Keeper" Trophy

A note for those of you who are also experienced with these trophies. I know you can get the Stunt Rider trophy early on in the game but to keep things simple I left it until later on for the new comers :)
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