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[EU] Borderlands 3 - character moze builds

Download Name: [EU] Borderlands 3 - character moze builds  

Category: PlayStation 4 PS4 Game Saves & Sets

Author: Honzik88

Submitted By: honzik88

Date Added:

Version: CUSA08025

File Size: 7.72 MB

File Type: (Zip file)

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Item description:

this is a update to my former submission:



What has changed:

-The Fire hoze moze build has been replaced with a new build, due to the release of dlc6. (has been replaced with a unkillable Infinite Amp Damage Moze Build)

- Finished farming items for the fire hoze moze build. The former build had a modded shield replaced that one with a legit old god. A few wapons have been replaced with stronger ones. found a better class mod and replaced it with the old one. The build has been moved to a new character where the story is unfinished. Can use it to start a fresh playthrough with a op character, or just store the items in the bank and build it on a different character by respecing. (just included it incase anyone still wants to use it, still find it fun to play with but its a bit outdated dmg wise.)

- The deadless moze build has been updated with a few new weapons with better stats. (Included this as well, since its still fun to play but there are better builds out there now a days. But incase someone still wants to play a deadless moze its included.)

-Did not include the Zane build, due the latest patches the build got nerfed hard. And had no time to replace it with a new one. might add that later again if i manange to get some decent items.


The save has three characters.

- Unkillable Infinite Amp Damage Moze Build.

- Fire Hoze Moze 5.0 build.

- Deadless moze build.


Unkillable Infinite Amp Damage Moze Build. (You need the Directors Cut dlc to play with this build!!!)

this build is based on the following build by Moxsy ( [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] )

The character has finished the story on true vault hunter mode, is lvl 65 and has most content cleared beside a few side missons and the handsome jackpot dlc. you easly clear content on this build since you litterly cant die.

the build is based around explosive action. Since you are immune to splash damage as long you keep shooting, due the super soldier shield. Hence the use of the flakker and the Root sniper to kill mobs. the build comes with 2 class mods one for mobbing, and another for bossing. (was not satisfied witht the dmg i did to the new dlc bosses so changed the build a bit.) You use the explosive weapons (Flakker, Compulsive Root etc.) with the class mod that has +splash dmg radius and Granade radius for mobbing. The Bloodletter with weapon dmg and increased mag size is used for bossing. combine that with the flipper on fire dmg and you melt bosses away in a few seconds.


Fire Hoze Moze 5.0 build.

This Build is based on the following video by Moxsy as well. ( [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] )

The Character is fresh as 15m gameplay, put the Fire hoze moze build on it. Moddified it to lvl 65 can be used i guess to do a easy playthrough, or just plunder all the gear and copy the skill tree to a different moze that has cleared the story. Thats why its included, incase someone still wants to use this build.


Deadless moze build.

the character is lvl 65 has not finished the story was somewhere halfway, guess the build is mayhem 10 ready.

This is a old build of mine that i used to play with when i just stared playing borderlands and improved over time. But never really finished the story when building this character was mostly used to play multiplayer with friends. Hence why its lvl 65 with a finished deadless build. Can continue the story if you want or just plunder the items incase you play a deadless build as well.
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Thxs bro keep up the good work